The Telecom Race in Nunavut, Who is Winning?

People in Nunavut are already paying the most expensive internet bills in the world so what should they expect now?


Toronto Cell Phone Deals: Consumers Prefer Cheaper Online Phone Deals Over Pricier Legally Available Ones

As cell phone plans in many Canadian provinces remain pricey, consumers prefer to buy cheaper deals from the booming online black market.


Anti Poverty Groups Lobby for Cheaper Internet at CRTC Public Hearing

National anti-poverty group ACORN recently said internet was not a luxury anymore and was a “Human right”. The group is lobbying for subsidized high speed internet plans for low income group Canadians.


Cable Companies Remain Slow to Share Details About Inexpensive Basic Package

Most major cable companies have been slow and hesitant to share details about the new basic package which has been introduced at the insistence of the CRTC.


Bell Media shuts down CTV transmitter in Wiarton, Ont., after spat with neighbour over trees

Bell Media recently submitted an application to revoke the license of the broadcasting transmitter CKCO-TV-2, located in Wiarton, due to a dispute with a neighbour that started over a tree.


Rogers Media agrees to pay $200,000 fine under CRTC’s anti-spam law

Rogers Media, a unit of Rogers Communications Inc., has agreed to pay a $200,000 fine to the CRTC for allegedly sending unsolicited e-mail advertisements.


Business for Sale Manitoba Includes Allstream, Raises Security Concerns

Security concerns have been raised about a U.S. takeover of a national fibre optic network which carries sensitive federal government telecommunication traffic with fears that the U.S. will find it easier to access confidential Canadian data.