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Credit Card Debt Could Be the Reason You Aren't Finding Love

It is entirely possible that bad timing, a bad personality or a hectic work life are not the only main reasons that are stopping a person from finding their ‘one-true-love’. It could be just be that their credit card debt history is terrible.

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Top Personal Finance and Economics Books of 2016

As the year ends, it is time to reflect upon the books you have read the past year and recollect everything you have learnt from them.We hope that you will enjoy our list of personal finance and economics books that will help you in 2017.

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Top Five Bookkeeping Tips That Every Small Business Should Know

Bookkeeping is often seen as tedious and boring. Most entrepreneurs do not enjoy bookkeeping but know it is an important part of their business. Adopting some good bookkeeping habits can help your business in the long run.

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The Secret to Finding the Fastest Checkout Line

When you are in a crowded grocery store, how do you pick your checkout line? Do you count your items to see if you will qualify for the ‘express’ counter? Do you just stand in the first line you can find or carefully observe the contents on the carts waiting to see which line will most likely take more time?

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Top 15 Ways to Stop Procrastination in Its Tracks

Procrastination is easy, but it is also something that makes you feel terrible later. Postponing tasks is an issue that most knowledge workers face, when your work is not laid out for you, it can be very easy to procrastinate. Here are 15 tips to stop procrastination in its tracks.

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Top 8 Customer Service Tips for Closing on National Holidays

Every good entrepreneur finds it difficult to take time off, however it important to take some vacation time or time off work in general to reduce your stress levels

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How To Have a Productive Day When You Aren't 100%

There are some days when you can’t get out of bed simply because you feel terribly lethargic and don’t want to work. When you do manage to get dressed at head to work you realize you are having a terribly unproductive day. Even the most motivated people can have such a day sometimes. So how does one deal with it?

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Tips When Selling to Asian Real Estate Buyers

The volatility in the Chinese economy and stock market along with the benefits of the low loonie makes Canada an attractive place for Chinese buyers as they see the real estate market here as a stable investment.

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Efficient During the Summer Slowdown

When it is summertime it can seem like many of your clients are not around and your inbox is almost empty except for some auto-replies. It can be frustrating if you aren’t on a break yourself but everyone around you seems to be on one. However you can make the best of the calmer season by actually getting ahead and making your business stronger.

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Startups 101: Top 10 Mistakes Startups Can Avoid Making

Starting a new business can be very tough on any entrepreneur. Many mistakes are usually made in the first year; these mistakes could cost you big, not just financially but also with your reputation.

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Top 10 Great Ways to Make Networking at Business Events Easy

Networking with people at business events could be one of those you enjoy, or it could be something you aren’t very comfortable with. Talking to new people and building new contracts is great for any businessperson and subsequently for their company. Don’t be the person who doesn’t have anyone to talk to. This is an art that you can master with experience.

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How to Get out of the Career Rut and Stride Onward

Do you wonder if you are sick when you wake up every Monday morning? Do you feel jealous when you hear a friend talk positively about their job? Do you think you don’t have enough motivation to be great at your job? Chances are you are stuck in a career rut. Here are 5 ways to climb out of the career rut.