Hop Farming Becomes Lucrative Again as Craft Beers Gain Popularity

Hops are flowers of the Hop plant and are used in flavouring and as a stability agent in the manufacturing of beer and is now becoming a lucrative commodity as brewing of craft beer is more popular than it ever was.


How Entrepreneurs Can Crack the Niche Meat Market in Quebec Versus Ontario

In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, Sylvain Charlebois, a professor in food distribution and policy, said tapping into a niche meat market is possible with an incremental approach and starting with a decent-sized market.


Weeding out the Suspicious – Canadian Banks Remain Wary About Legal Marijuana Sellers

Marijuana legislation is not expected to be introduced until the spring of 2017 and experts anticipate that while they are now trying to stay as far from weed sellers as they can, banks will get more involved when the industry grows bigger.


Canadian Dairy Farmers Losing out as Food Processing Units Prefer Cheaper Diafiltered Milk From U.S.

Dairy farmers in Canada are losing out on selling to food processers as diafiltered milk from the U.S. is given preference over locally produced milk which is more expensive.


Canada Dominates World Ginseng Production

Canada currently dominates the worldwide production of ginseng, one of the most popular herbal remedies globally, and is the centre of a trade worth half a billion dollars a year. The herb, which is believed to restore and enhance well being and used to aid a number of medical conditions, is grown abundantly in Ontario.


Farmland Prices Rise 10% on Strong Crop Income and Low Interest Rates

Average prices of farmland across Canada rose 10 percent last year as low interest rates and strong income from crops helped retain demand.