Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box Review

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  • Date: August 9, 2021
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Every car has a limited amount of storage room, and sometimes, that amount of room isn’t enough. When travelling to destinations, moving, or storing, many car owners struggle to fit all of their needed belongings into their vehicles.

Trying to compress too many items into your car can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. That is why many people use portable storage boxes for their cars.

Source: yakima.com

Many people have been turning to cargo boxes because they are convenient and allow the driver and passengers to have more storage space without sacrificing comfort. A cargo box attaches to the roof, holds all your belongings inside, and keeps them safe.

Then, upon reaching your destination, you can unload or detach. Or, you can keep your things up there for as long as you’d like. A cargo box is the most efficient way to add space to your car. A high-quality cargo box that car owners have been loving is the Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box. It retails for about $400.

Below is a review of the Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box.

About The Product

The Yakima Rocketbox Cargo box is an awesome alternative to vehicle space. It is lightweight and easy to lift onto the roof. It can be loaded with many items and still be spacious, allowing it to be used for multiple reasons. It holds well during long drives and is very sturdy.

The lock and front lip are durable and secure for maximum protection of your possessions. This is a great cargo box to drive safely with.


  • Locks included
  • SKS lock cores
  • ​Dual side access
  • ​Compatible with round bars, square bars, and factory bars
  • Easy user assembly
  • ​Can hold skis
  • ​Works well with shorter roofs, sedans, and large vehicles
  • Great customer service

Who Can Benefit

Anyone who owns a larger vehicle, a sedan, or a car with a shorter roof and wants to maximize their car’s holding potential will benefit from this purchase. The Rocketbox Cargo Box is designed to add excess storage on the roof of your car, which will allow you to travel with everything that you need.

Those who travel with large sporting equipment like skis or snowboards will enjoy this cargo box. It is spacious and can fit most skis, depending on size and style. This cargo box is great for trips, especially a trip to your favourite ski hill. It is a great way to carry things on the go that usually wouldn’t fit inside of your car.


The technology of this cargo box ensures that your items are safe and secured. The Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box utilizes an SKS (same key system) locking system to promote the security of your possessions.

Source: yakima.com

This cargo box is compatible with a variety of bars—it can be used with round bars, square bars, and most factory bars. The Yakima Cargo Box is spacious and can fit up to 135cm skis. Although that is the maximum ski length, the fit of the skis in the box depends on the ski’s style and manufacturer.

The material used on this cargo box is weather and rain resistant. It will keep your things safe, even on a ride that includes unfavourable weather. It is built to be sturdy and durable throughout.


The Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box is designed to be a sleek storage box. It is black and rounded at the top, giving it a shape that looks natural on the top of your car’s roof.

This cargo box gives dual side access. This means that accessing your gear will be super fast and easy. Some cargo boxes make it difficult for users to get their stuff out, but they include a button for easy access. All you do is push the button, and it opens for you.

The Yakima Cargo Box is known for being lightweight and easy to handle and lift. Its dimensions are 59 x 37 x 18 inches, and it is only 42 pounds.


The Yakima Rocketpro Cargo Box is straightforward to assemble. It comes with instructions, although the user setup is rather self-explanatory, easy, and quick. The process is straightforward and requires very little work and time.

Since this cargo box is lightweight, it is easy for anyone to attach to the car’s roof. You don’t need any help installing it on your car. It is also easy to take down.

This cargo box is super convenient because it allows you to store lots of things that otherwise wouldn’t fit inside your car. This box makes travelling and going on trips or sporting events so much easier and hassle-free.

Insider Thoughts

This cargo box will work well with anyone who needs to increase the storage of their vehicle. It is an important device for cars.

Lifting this cargo box onto your roof should be relatively easy. However, if you’re on the short side, there is a chance you may have difficulty reaching high enough. If that’s the case, get a small stepping stool so that you can lift the box overhead.

You can use this box for more than just regular items—it is also perfect for sporting goods. It is great to use if you’re going to a ski hill, a mountain climbing event, or any other excursion that involves sporting activities. This cargo box will also be great for families who need more storage during trips.

Our Buying Advice

The convenience and functionality of this cargo box will make a difference on your next trip. The best place to buy this cargo box from is Amazon. The retailer on Amazon provides fast shipping.

Our Recommendation

We would highly recommend the Yakima Rocketbox Cargo Box. It is sturdy and provides a great amount of storage for those who need some more.