Writing a Great Fiverr Description

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  • Date: April 11, 2022
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Getting orders on Fiverr depends on creating a trustworthy profile. To do that, you need a good description of your gig and who you are. Here we’re going to look at what elements to include in great Fiverr descriptions.

Fiverr is a popular gig website where you can create a profile for yourself and then advertise your services. It launched in 2013 and today is one of the world’s biggest and best-known gig-economy / digital marketplaces.

What is Fiverr and how does it work?

If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it is a freelance community designed initially for employers who have quick, low-cost projects they need help completing. The name “Fiverr” comes from the original idea that jobs (“gigs”) would cost $5. Since launched in 2010, it’s expanded to include more categories and allowed higher-end services. Fiverr earn money by deducting a fee (20%) from the payments they process when an order is accepted.

On the buyer side, the buyer pays upfront for the gig, and they are charged a fee of either $2 for gigs up to $40 or 5% for orders over that. Orders have to be delivered to the buyer within a set time (sellers can set this), and then the buyer has a few, usually three, days to decide to accept the order. They can ask for a modification within that period if they feel something needs to be changed. After being delivered, the three days pass, the order is automatically accepted, and the seller’s account is credited. Buyers can use several payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

How long does Fiverr take to clear payments?

Well, It depends on your seller level. If you are a Level One or Level Two seller, It will take 14 days to clear the payments, and if you are a Top Rated Seller, it will take half that time to get the payments cleared.

In this article, we will talk about how to write a description of your Fiverr profile and gig.

What to Include in Your Fiverr Profile

Display Your Skills in an Eye-Catching Way

Whatever your skill is, find a creative way to show your skills and why you are the best choice. Remember that if people are searching for someone to do a job, they will see dozens of potential sellers. How are you going to stand out?

Use Your Profile Picture to Build Trust

If you want someone to buy from you, you need to build trust. One of the easy ways is to let the buyer see the face of the person they’re dealing with. Use a profile picture that clearly shows your face on your Fiverr profile, it will make your profile look more professional, and people will know they’re working with a real person.

How do I introduce myself on Fiverr?

Use Your Description to Show Your Passion for the Work and Your Skills.

Write a clear and sharp description of who you are. A good profile is vital in building your Fiverr business. When it comes to making your profile stand out, it’s really about showcasing yourself and your work.

  • Tell potential customers who you are, why you do what you do, and why this is your passion
  • Let visitors get to know you and your professional style
  • A great profile inspires confidence and enthusiasm in buyers

Writing the Fiverr Gig Description

Once you’ve created a profile, you need to create your first gig. What is a Fiverr gig? It’s a name for an individual service you are offering. Your gig description should be tightly defined that can be summed in a statement like “I Will Publish a Legal Niche Guest Blog Post on My DA30 Website” or “I Will Install phpBB and Customize It Professionally.”

The Title

Your gig description begins with a clear title. Make it straight to the point and tell people what you’re offering. If it can’t fit into a headline, maybe it’s too broad.

Try to show samples of your work so people can see what you’re offering. Don’t use stock photos (experienced buyers have seen a lot of stock photos – they’ll know). Use clear graphics and make it look professional.

How do I write a gig description on Fiverr?

Tell the buyer exactly what they can expect when they order your gig in the gig’s description. Be clear and concise and avoid too much “hard sell” – your customer is already looking for a product like you’re offering, your goal is to educate them on what you are offering and give them confidence that you are the best choice to spend their money on. A top-rated gig usually gives clients exactly what they expect.

Tip: make sure your spelling and grammar are proper. Nothing turns customers off than a gig description that is hard to read and full of spelling errors. Software like MS Word and tools like Grammarly are helpful tools to check your writing. Alternatively, having someone else read your text after or even just reading it out loud are good options too.

Leed with a sentence that expands on the title. For example, for your blog post, you could say:

“For $10, I will write 700 words on any legal topic. As a professional content writer, be assured that each of my articles will be well structured and fully optimized for search engines.”

Include some of the things you will (and won’t) cover. You can use bullet points to make skimming the description easier.

As part of my services, you can expect the following:

  • 700 Words written by a native English speaker
  • Well Structured with appropriate headings
  • Will use one SEO Keyword

What’s Not Included in this Gig:

  • More than 700 words
  • Post to social media (this could be a gig extra)
  • No adult or gambling topics, please

This is also an excellent time to mention some of the extras you might offer, like you offer extra-fast delivery or unlimited revisions. You want people to know they’re not being locked into one thing.

Gig Requirements

Let your customer know what you need them to provide you ahead of time. This will help them prepare (which will help you too as you don’t have to go back to them repeatedly, asking for things).

For example, for a blog post, let them know you need a topic or a title for you to write on.

Finish With a Call to Action

A Call to action (or CTA as you sometimes see it) is your invitation to the buyer to decide to order from you. It can be as simple as “Click buy to get started”, or maybe something provides the last boost before asking for their order, like:

“And don’t forget, I provide unlimited revisions and a 100% money-back guarantee with my gig….Click Buy Now to get started!”

Hopefully, this has provided you with some tips on how to write a good description that will bring customers to your fiverr.com gig and make orders. Remember, a memorable profile and gig should demonstrate trust and a clear description of the service you’ll provide to customers.

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