WhatsApp Groups for Business Tips

WhatsApp is a popular social media chat app owned by Facebook. Besides being able to text and video call people, it also has a group chat option. Here we’ve answered some questions on the basics of WhatsApp Groups for business.

You can set up your group by first selecting a New Group and then selecting people from your contacts list to join the group.

How Do WhatsApp Groups Work?

WhatsApp Groups are a bit different from other social networks, or as WhatsApp puts it, “WhatsApp is a messaging platform and not a social networking site”. You start with your contacts and add people to a group from there. As the Admin for your group, you can share a link (or other members can) to let others join, but the Admin has the final authority to allow someone into the group. Think of it more as a telephone conference call rather than a bulletin board or Facebook Groups.

How to Join a WhatsApp Group?

If someone else has set up a group, it’s pretty easy to join. The owner of the group can either send you a link or a QR code. There are also lots of sites that list groups based on interests.

A typical web link will look like this: “https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/CopbjN…”

  • How Can I Join a WhatsApp Group Without a Link?

    The only way you can join a WhatsApp group chat is if a member of the group chat adds your number.

  • How Many People Can You Add to a WhatsApp Group?

    You’ll be able to add up to 256 people to a group as long as they’re in your phone’s contacts. If more is needed, take a look at the WhatsApp Business App. How many groups can you create in WhatsApp, it seems like there is no limit, but you’d have to keep track of them yourself.

  • Can I Add Myself to a WhatsApp Group?

    Yes, for a new WhatsApp group, you will be added automatically as soon as you create the group. You can add yourself to a group by using a Group link or contact with Admin of that group. You can’t become a group Admin, though, unless the Admin gives you that power. If you create the group yourself, you will automatically be the Admin.

How Do I Remove Someone From a WhatsApp Group?

To remove someone, you must be a group admin.

  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject.
  2. Tap the participant you wish to remove.
  3. Tap Remove {participant} > OK.

How Do I Search for Groups on WhatsApp?

As far as I know, you cannot find groups on WhatsApp, unlike Facebook or other sites. You can talk to your friends or contacts about groups they are on and request them to get you added.

It is not currently possible to explicitly search for groups within WhatsApp.

Some apps, like WhatSender, have a built-in search capability, as this software is meant for blasting groups with a message (yes, it sounds like). It’s a commercial product. Another source is the website WhatsGroupLink.com; they list hundreds of groups with links to the join literally. The only issue is there’s no rating or information on how popular the groups are, so you’re basically hunting around in the dark.

The idea behind groups is that they are neither public nor open. They are a collection of people whom the group’s Admin knows or has the phone number in their contacts list. Unless the group’s Admin adds you to the group, you will not participate in it even if you are aware of its existence.

That said, you can always start your group and invite friends and other people you know into the group if it matches their interests. The most common use for WhatsApp groups I’ve seen is a group of friends who hang out in real life together and want to stay in touch during the rest of the week to share stories, jokes, etc., and family that wants to keep in touch.

So instead of trying to find a group, start one!

Because ‘WhatsApp is a messaging platform and not a social networking site.’ you can’t find groups that aren’t listed somewhere. This is good for members’ privacy but makes it hard to discover groups unless a link has been made available somewhere.

But the best way to find a group is probably searching on Google or Reddit for something like “Whatsapp group [topic].”

Can I sell my products on WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp has a product called the WhatsApp Business App. This app lets you set up a business profile, much like you would on social apps like Facebook. There are several guides to get started; this one is a good starting point.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas of getting started on using WhatsApp for your personal or business.