What is Canipre?

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  • Date: January 4, 2020
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In an era where everything is just one click away from downloading, Canipre is taking action to protect copyright owners. Being the first anti-piracy company in Canada puts a heavy responsibility upon its shoulders.

Through the previous years, the Montreal-based firm has conducted excellent work, and it’s always working for the sake of owners and inventors.

What Is Canipre?

Canipre is an intellectual property enforcement firm based in Montreal, Canada. The firm works to protect the copyrights in Canada and achieves anti-piracy.

Canipre works by detecting online infringement, and then it sends notifications about these cases to the internet providers who should forward such notifications to their subscribers.

Who Would Benefit From Canipre?

Canipre provides such services mainly for:

  • Film producers
  • Music publishers
  • Production studios
  • Distributors of film or series content
  • Live broadcasting right holders
  • Publishers of applications and programs
  • Authors
  • Photographers
  • Content producers

The company mainly works to protect these people and generally anyone who should be asked for permission concerning their work.

How Does Canipre Work?

Canipre offers to spot people who illegally download copyrighted data. The company provides multiple services, as follows:

Monitoring and Detecting

Through their technologies, they’re able to scan and detect cases of illegal sharing, using, and uploading copyrighted content. Canipre works with all types of digitised material.

Moreover, the company strives to eliminate any false accusations and works hard to validate all its work.

Sends Infringement Notifications

Canipre collects P2P evidence to achieve the “end-user infringement notification program” across Canada.

Takes Actions

Canipre focuses on detecting any infringement cases and then works hard to remove the content. The company monitors for source point content as it’s the best practice in content security.

Trademark Usage

Canipre offers professional support concerning trademark matters, through conducting trademark investigations. These investigations are done on a regional or national level.

Internet Crime Investigation

This includes misusing social media to publish secret materials, videos or pictures of people without their permission. Canipre successfully investigated the case of leaking video clips of a criminal case in court and publishing them online.

Canada and Anti-Piracy Rules

Currently, Canada has strict laws and policies when it comes to copyright infringement. If you’re living in Canada, you need to take great care before you download or share a picture, a video, a movie or a series. Also if you and Torrent are best friends, you need to watch out.

What Is Torrent?

For those who don’t know Torrent, it’s one of the most popular applications used for entertainment online. Through Torrent, you can download audios, videos, movies, series, songs, pictures, TV programs, and shows.

Moreover, you can send photos and watch videos with your families and friend when you download the Torrent file. You can even have access to play online video games with your friends.

What’s also unique about Torrent is the fast download, so it’s too appealing to youth.

Torrent is used by people worldwide, and it’s used in Canada as it has one of the fastest internet connections.

However, according to Canada and its copyright law, using Torrent is getting risky.

Is Torrenting Illegal in Canada?

Canada doesn’t prohibit the use of Torrent, and you can enjoy all the features provided by the app. The tricky part is making sure that the Canadian laws of copyrights don’t protect the content you’re using.

However, there are always questions when we talk about Torrent in Canada. So, it’d help if you were cautious because you might be violating Canadian law without having a clue.

Understanding the Modernization Act

Canada has a particular Modernization Act, which is a guiding system to its citizens concerning the copyrights, its infringements, and the consequences of violations.

This Act focuses on video, music, and audio files and treats them as intellectual property that must be copyrighted.

An important feature that exists within the Modernization Act is called “Format Shifting”. Format shifting is the act of copying material from one format to another as making a copy of a music CD on an iPod or making a DVD copy of it.

This particular activity confuses, and users must be aware of that approach when they’re using Torrento.

Understand the Notice and Notice-regime

This regime exists in the Canadian Copyright Act, and it includes forwarding notices and remarks from copyright owners to internet subscribers who conducted infringing behaviour. These notes are sent through intermediaries as the ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

The Copyright Act helps innovators and creators to receive compensation for their hard work and efforts by eliminating any intellectual theft.

Did You Receive a Notice?

It’s important to understand that receiving a notice doesn’t mean that you’ll be sued because of infringement. However, the notice will help you know what you did wrong and give you all the details.

Is VPN the solution?

Some people recommend using VPNs while using Torrent to stay away from any troubles or laws breaking.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an online tool that enhances security and privacy among users. A VPN works by taking your IP address and hiding it from third parties. VPNs can help you access restricted websites by your country.

How Does it Work?

VPNs connect your mobile or laptop to another computer, known as a server. VPN helps you browse the internet using the server’s internet connection. Moreover, if you’re connected to a server from another country, it’ll appear that you’re browsing from that country.

VPN and Torrenting in Canada

Since VPNs keep your browsing secure, they might be of great help when you use Torrent in Canada as you’re nearly invisible to them. It’d be a wise option to search for a VPN outside Canada to be secured.

In a Nutshell

Through Canipre, owners and innovators can seek help when they face any infringement through the multiple services provided by the firm.

Moreover, understanding the Canadian laws concerning the copyrights shall help both producers and consumers. These laws are working for the aim of a better country without harming intellectuals.