Upcoming WEModel USA 2022 Fashion Gala in Washington DC

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  • Date: January 20, 2022
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Human trafficking is the second-highest-ranking international crime, but now there is something the average person can do about it. Through a variety of highly anticipated shows and competitions, WEModel USA helps both individuals and businesses spread the word about this horrific crime and provides people with practical ways they can stop it in its tracks.

Because of the way the company is set up, WEModel USA puts a face on the crime of human trafficking and lets average individuals feel like they have a voice when it comes to stopping this form of modern-day slavery.

According to the International Labor Organization, there are now more than 40 million human trafficking victims worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of victims in the United States alone. These victims include both men and women, adults and children from all nationalities and all walks of life. While it is a difficult crime to eliminate and sometimes even pinpoint, it is not impossible. The first goal for those who wish to get rid of this crime is to make people more aware of it and educate the public on the simple ways they can help eliminate it, and that is what WEModel USA is seeking to do.

How It’s Done

WEModel USA is a women empowerment-led platform that uses events such as modelling shows and competitions to spread awareness about human trafficking, while at the same time giving aspiring models a chance to be in the spotlight and share their talents with people all over the world. The organization celebrates women, their beauty, and their strength, while also giving them an opportunity to make the world a better place by highlighting ways the average individual can help put a stop to the crime of human trafficking until the number of victims is zero.

The organization offers a fashion and beauty platform that uses the runway as one method to increase awareness about human trafficking. They want to help identify and provide resources to undeveloped anti-human trafficking organizations, as well as help human trafficking victims themselves. These fashion shows allow young models to showcase their talents while giving the organization a way to educate people so that everyone knows a little more about this horrible crime. Often, human trafficking victims come in contact with the public, but these people don’t realize they are talking to a victim. This is why increased awareness of the crime is such an important goal.

Through its nonprofit partner, WEModel USA_NWECare, the organization is seeking to join with a vast network of resources of like-minded individuals and businesses who intend to work together to stop the forces that promote the illegal and unethical activities that result in the crime of human trafficking. While sex trafficking is the most prominent and well-known type of human trafficking, there are also victims who are involved in forced labor in both the United States and around the world. Regardless of the type of trafficking these victims are part of, the events promoted by WEModel USA seek to stop them.

What You Can Do to Help

The Connect2Protect Campaign of 2021 seeks to build a network of one million individuals in the United States plus five million more people from around the world to help fight human trafficking. Since human trafficking is an international crime, the organization seeks to establish working relationships with all cities and states, as well as build unified networks with international civil service leaders, foreign embassies, and of course, the fashion and beauty industries. It is a lofty goal that may seem impossible, but the more people who come on board, the more likely the challenge will be met.

WEModel USA’s runway events always carry a strong anti-human trafficking message, providing them with a unified platform they can use to promote their own individual messages to stop this crime. The models on the runway get the chance of a lifetime, but the events also open the door for human trafficking victims so that they, too, can get out in the world and embrace a life of their own. This is what’s most important about the WEModel USA mission. With a combination of events that help women feel more empowered and the opportunity to bring awareness about human trafficking to others, the organization has found a winning combination. The next runway event is set for Saturday, April 23, 2022, at the MGM-National Harbor in Washington, DC (Oxon Hill, Maryland). It starts at 6:00 p.m. and includes a VIP reception, silent auction at the Human Trafficking Museum, and the runway and charity event itself. If you are interested in learning more about this organization, the runway event, or ways you can become a partner in the fight against human trafficking, simply contact WEModel USA at their website for additional information. The only way human trafficking will end is if we all work together to stop it, and joining this organization’s efforts is an excellent first step.

The WEModel USA 2022 Fashion Gala and Charity Event

Saturday, April 23 2022 at 6:00 PM
MGM – National Harbor
Washington, D.C.