Voice Technology and Marketing – Ways Spoken Syllables Are More Impactful in 2022

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: February 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Digital marketing keeps evolving, and new technologies are changing the game in the industry. One of the biggest disruptors in the digital marketing world has to be voice technology. Voice technology is making waves. It is switching the way marketing executives are optimizing their websites.

The onset of the pandemic exacerbated the need for touchless technologies to increase safety from the virus by minimizing touchpoints. The increasing popularity of smartphones has also encouraged the rise of voice searches. Advancements in voice technology have revolutionized how people interact with their digital devices, and more people are opting to talk with digital devices. What do all these mean for digital marketing? How will voice technology impact marketing in 2022? Let’s dive into how:

Speech to text features

Speech-to-text features are becoming more common. Numerous platforms are embracing the trend more than ever before. Much of the appeal comes from the fact that it saves time from typing passages. An AI can detect a language and type it out on behalf of the user. MS word is moving to a future where it can recognize voices and type text without a user lifting a finger. Employing this feature will change the game for digital marketers. They can use the feature in feedback and comment sections to increase engagement with their audience. See, most people do not leave feedback because the process of typing it down seems tedious. The fast speech to text option provides much-needed convenience.

Text to Speech

More pages and web searches are using the read-aloud reader. This feature makes it possible for a digital marketer to broaden their reach to people who, for some reason, cannot consume content in the usual way. Text to speech feature has opened a gateway for people with visual disabilities, emigrants, and people with learning disabilities. It has done an incredible job of allowing people to navigate through content and understand what it means despite their shortcomings. Brands can now reach more people regardless of their disabilities.

Internet video jobs

The pandemic had people sheltering in place for their safety and their loved ones. In turn, most people turned to their phones for entertainment. More people switched to watching internet videos, and the trend still continues even after authorities lifted more of the social distancing restrictions. The increased screen time has caused a spike in demand for internet videos. Consumers continue to consume plenty of internet video content, and the trend does not look like it will slow down in the near future. That means that companies need to consider getting voice-over artists for animated explainers to create more engaging internet videos. 

Conversational reads

The future for voice in digital marketing points to the direction of a more natural and realistic read. The conversational read continues to be in high demand, and the trend does not seem like it will stop any time in the near future. People want to feel a human connection and therefore prefer to ditch the robotic voices. Consumers now favor a seemingly ‘natural person’ delivery. They want a more interactive experience. As a result, conversational reads that sound more natural are grabbing all the attention.

The natural tone feels more authentic than automated replies and chatbots. There will always be a high demand for engaging, approachable, and natural tones. Companies can benefit significantly by incorporating Voice Talent in their marketing to generate interactive content that will resonate with the audiences. Suffice to say; the pandemic was tough on everyone. Voices that communicate vulnerability with a human-like, warm sound are more welcome. The messaging in natural tones moves more quickly down the marketing funnel. This will be a major deal from 2022 onwards

Voice SEO

With increased demand and consumption of Voice technology, there is a need for a newer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach. SEO strategies have to reboot themselves to accommodate the rise in demand for voice technology. Digital marketing professionals recognize that voice search optimization is the next big wave for SEO.

Digital marketers have to streamline content, brand information, and location to encourage voice search results. Consumers find voice search to be the more hassle-free way of browsing online. With voice technology changing consumers’ interaction with technology and the internet, a significant impact on search engine optimization is non-negotiable. Businesses have to brace themselves and embrace the changes to remain relevant. Companies that anticipate the upheaval and plan ahead of market changes will gain the competitive edge.

Sonic branding

Voice technology is reaching new levels every day. The trend has shaken the future of branding for businesses. Sonic branding seems to be the next big thing in marketing and advertising. To stay ahead of the market, companies have to cement their brand. Paying attention to what your brand sounds like is more important than ever. In the past, brand identity and strategies relied on visual aspects, like the logo, font, and colors. The audio factor was left on the back burner and ignored. However, with voice technology and audio-based user experience stepping into the spotlight, companies need to rethink their strategies. Digital marketers need to take the opportunity and run with it.
Businesses that invest in audio advertising will conquer the digital marketing arena. Companies need to have audio cues that are synonymous with their brand. The audience should hear tones and recognize a company. Implementing audio in brand identity is particularly beneficial when a company has an app with its products and services. When users hear a specific sound, they associate it with your brand. Digital marketers that take advantage of that in developing their brand identity will have won the marketing lottery.

Wrapping Up

Voice technology is budding because of its ability to make life easier. Brands recognize that. They are finding ways to leverage this technological advancement to reach and engage their core audiences. Incorporating voice technology in marketing is a sure-fire way for brands to refine their strategies throughout the marketing funnel and establish trust with their consumers.  

Photo by Maurice Lourens on Unsplash