Vancouver Based Start-Up Tracks Marijuana Yields

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: June 7, 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Weed tech start-ups bloom, Vancouver based company aims to digitise the marijuana industry.  A Vancouver based technology start-up is looking to change the marijuana industry with digital record-keeping and analysis.

Elevated Signals has developed software that tracks marijuana yields at all levels, monitoring potency, while documenting growing conditions like light exposure and water intake. Those factors are input side-by-side with security tracking and stringent regulatory requirements. Health Canada now requires licensed marijuana producers, a report on CTV Vancouver said.

The company says it provides a state-of-the-art cultivation management system for growers, including Health Canada-compliant inventory tracking and quality recordkeeping, along with wireless environmental monitoring.

“Digital transformation has barely hit traditional agriculture for field agriculture in general,” the company’s CEO Amar Singh said. “With [marijuana] being a new industry, having been grown in an underground setting for many, many years, tech companies never really entered this space. We’re one of the first.”

The company’s Twitter page said they were proud to have become alumni of  Creative Destruction Lab, arguably the top seed-stage program in the world for massively scalable, science-based companies. A testament to the team we have focused on building the future of marijuana cultivation management tech.

The company, which includes former Adobe developers, has set up a comprehensive implementation of its system to track all aspects of marijuana cultivation and production from seed to harvest at Tantalus Labs in east Maple Ridge, the report said.

Tantalus CEO Dan Sutton told CTV News Vancouver when their state-of-the-art facility was being designed; they did so intending to run one of the most technologically-advanced greenhouses in the world. A millennial himself, Sutton sees digital data- and record-keeping is a matter of convenience but also a critical component of profitability.

While Tantalus Labs can’t afford teams of PhDs and analysts like those employed by large-scale producers to optimise their yield, it hopes to do so by relying on Elevated Signals’ data and analytics.

The digital transformation is not just limited to the weed industry, according to the Elevated Signals, they also look to put the technology to use in other agricultural sectors such as for tomatoes and flowers.

“That’s absolutely the long-term goal, to build this data-science platform to advance the hardware and software technologies with food security in mind,” the company executive said adding that the marijuana industry has the interest and capital right now, but it could take a while to reach other agricultural sectors.