Uber Should Be Treated Like Any Other Taxi – Poll

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 24, 2017
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Few Canadians support banning Uber; but most want it regulated the same as taxi industry

According to a new survey a majority of Canadians believe that Uber should be subject to the same regulations as regular taxis.

The ride sharing service, which is slowly becoming a hit among those who have used it, should be regulated by the government, the poll suggested.

The poll by Angus Reid also suggests that a vast majority of Canadians are open to Uber operating in their communities

The survey comes in the wake of a taxi strike in Toronto, which was later called off and could have disrupted the scheduled NBA All-Star Game.The poll, which was conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, indicated 63 percent of Canadians felt the government should regulate Uber the same way it regulates taxis, while only 37 percent felt it should be allowed to operate without any regulations.

However it remains interesting that a majority of people, who have actually used Uber, felt that it needn’t be regulated. 91 percent of users had a positive view about the service only 8 percent of users of the service said their view was negative.

Asked whether Uber should be allowed to operate where they live, around 35 percent said ‘yes, definitely’, while another 40 percent said ‘maybe, under the right circumstances,” Only 17 percent of people surveyed felt Uber should not be allowed to operate. Uber service is currently barred in Vancouver

However, while a second poll by the same institute found that 67 percent people feel that cab companies should step up their game to compete with Uber, a majority of Canadians said they felt uncomfortable with Uber raising prices during peak hours and that conditions would become worse for other taxi drivers.

The complex results of the survey leave the average reader perplexed on what Canadians are actually expecting from their cab companies.