Uber Introduces a ‘Tipping’ Feature in Canada

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 13, 2017
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Uber users can now tip their drivers. The cab hailing company now has a feature on its app through which users can tip their drivers and remains completely optional. The feature does it not replace any of Uber’s already existing options such as the star rating system or the driver compliment feature, according to the company.

The option to tip drivers was first introduced by Uber in some U.S. cities earlier this year as it was one of the main requests that drivers and passengers had, company executives said.

“The design of the feature delivers not only on what drivers have asked for, but also on the things riders have come to appreciate about Uber: it’s hassle-free and it’s 100 per cent optional,” An Uber executive recently told a media organization.

The new feature is available in cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Windsor and Kingston, Ontario and will be available across the country by the end of July.

Uber drivers have admitted that receiving a tip would be a great way for them to know a customer enjoyed their ride, some drivers said they have received cash tips occasionally but the app based feature would make it easier for users to tip them and be relaxed about the etiquette surrounding the tipping culture. Uber’s main rival Lyft has offered a similar option for a while, making it seem more lucrative for drivers.

Drivers will not know whether they have been tipped until after the ride, which means they cannot change their comments about customers based on their tip amount.

Uber has also made some other changes to its policy including shortening the cancelation period for a ride. Uber users will have to cancel their ride in two minutes rather than the previous five minutes to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. Waiting fees too has a seen a structure change with passengers having to pay up if their driver has to wait for more than two minutes for them.