Triple 5 Challenge in Support of Young Athletes in Need

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  • Date: December 10, 2020
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Looking for a way to keep healthy and support a good cause? The Arab Canadian Sports Association is hosting the Triple 5 Challenge to raise money for supporting young athletes in need- around the world, as well, 40% of the Triple 5 Challenge proceeds will go to support those affected by COVID 19.

What is the Triple 5 Challenge?

Simply, it’s a call for people in Canada and around the world to run, jog or even walk 5km, make a donation of at least $5, and to tag 5 friends to do the same.

Who is organizing the Triple 5 Challenge?

The Arab Canadian Sports Association is organizing the Triple 5 Challenge; a nonprofit organization supporting young athletes in need- around the world. 40% of the Triple 5 Challenge proceeds will go to support those affected by COVID 19. The rest will be designated to support Arab athletes who are in need.

As of November 19, 2020, there are more than 57 Million cases of COVID-19 in the World. Families who live hand-to-mouth are unable to leave their homes in hard-hit areas during the lockdown. We are asking for your help to provide boxes of food and cleaning supplies to the most vulnerable. Medical staff, now in 10-night shifts at hospitals, are asking for food, PPE’s & test kits.

With the delivery of each food parcel, our partners and we will make sure to check on the well-being of each family member and work with our NGO hospital partners to find a way to provide additional assistance before it’s too late.

Benefits of Jogging

Beyond helping out a worthy cause, there are plenty of real benefits of taking up walking or jogging. Some of the well-known benefits include:

  • Jogging helps to build strong bones, as it is a weight-bearing exercise, as well as strengthen muscles.
  • It helps improve you improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • It can help maintain a healthy weight as well as burn off some of those calories we’re all gaining working from home.
  • If you choose to run with a group or join a running club, it can be a good social event.

Keep jogging even when the weather is less than ideal.

With with winter and concerns about Covid, people might worry about running outside. The good news is you can use a treadmill,  running on concrete and asphalt every day can place stress on your knees, while treadmills have a padded surface and one that’s also predictable – unlike the curbs, sidewalks (and snow!) you encounter outside.

Running on a treadmill also allows for more variety in your routine. Living in a city, the terrain is mostly flat, but you can simulate uphill and downhill running by adjusting the incline on your treadmill.

A treadmills make it easier for you to monitor your heart rate. Many treadmills come with built-in heart rate monitoring systems that enable you to track your progress and stay within your zone of choice.

According to Harvard Medical School, something as simple as taking a walk can maintain your immune system and help protect you during cold and flu season. A study has found that those who walked at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less, and if they did get sick, it was for a shorter duration, and their symptoms were milder.

So this is promoting a healthier lifestyle and encouraging people to strive for stronger mental and physical health during these difficult times.

How To Participate in the Triple 5 Challenge?

  • Just go out and run, jog or walk 5km.
  • Please contribute to our cause by visiting the link
  • Share your run or take a selfie and spread the word, use #Walk555 or #ACSA555. There are plenty of GPS tracking apps that can be downloaded to measure your distance (Runtastic, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Strava or other apps for your Apple or Android device).
  • Tag and challenge 5 friends to encourage them to take part.

Take charge, Stay Healthy, Save Lives.

More information is on this link:


Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash