Toronto SEO Services From Ege Marketing

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  • Date: August 25, 2018
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With many years of working as a freelance SEO consultant for businesses across Canada, Toronto SEO services expert Deniz Ege Kiraz, has the skills and knowledge to drive organic traffic and fresh leads to your local business website.  

Why Hire an SEO Service?

While internet marketing looks simple, there are many details to keep in mind and it is a changing industry; a company like Ege Marketing is up to date on the latest practices for website optimizations. They are a Toronto SEO Services company with several years’ experience in the industry.  Ege Marketing can provide a customized, professional service, and answer any question or need you have regarding SEO. With a demonstrated track record of success providing search engine optimization services with honesty and in an ethical manner, Ege Marketing is an excellent choice for your SEO services.

Some of the services that Ege Marketing provides include both on-site SEO, keyword research and content creation, technical website updates, visitor tracking and conversion optimization. As well, they can do backlink building to build your profile naturally.  The goal of this is to help your site rack on Google and other search engines for lucrative, niche-related keywords, build up your brand’s online authority, and increase the number of visitors visiting your website.

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SEO Services Offered by Ege Marketing

Beyond this, Ege Marketing can provide other custom SEO services including:

A website audit. The first step is to look at the website’s strong and weak points of the current website, examine search engine rankings, and potential opportunities. This includes possible technical modifications to your website to improve performance and ranking.

Next is designing a SEO strategy that involves looking at how your website stacks up against your competitors’ websites, then designing a  link building strategy, using social media and writing new targeted content.

Once the optimizations and strategy are decided on, implementation is the next step. This involves changes to the content as well as technical fixes involving the URL structure, meta tags and title tags.

Finally, Ege Marketing can regularly monitor and report on your website’s rankings and progress. They will send you weekly and monthly status reports that easily show the impact the changes done are having on your website.

Getting Started

When you’re ready, contact them with a description of your project, problem, or request for a quote. They’ll get back to you in a day and offer customized service quotes, including a complimentary SEO analysis of your website. When you’re ready, contact them on their website or at 1-888-1012-343.