Top Vancouver Startups That You Should Keep an Eye On

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: November 27, 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

The British Columbian city of Vancouver is a great location for startups and bigger companies too. Vancouver has a startup community which is now thriving. Here are our top picks of companies that are in the Vancouver startup scene that we feel you should keep track of.


Eventbase is an event app that gives event attendees a more personalized and fulfilling experience. The app helps provide a guide to the event and various other interactive features. This app can be used by brands and other event managers to add premium features to their events including festivals, conferences etc. Definitely a startup you should keep track of.


This is a mobile analytics and alerts tool for merchants using Stripe or Paypal. This can be a useful way to store metrics, payments and customer information for ecommerce. The tool makes it easier to aggregate key information from multiple sources without any coding or integration. This can be an important feature in the era of e-commerce. As  e-commerce grows with time, so do the tools that aid it.

RED Academy

RED Academy is a leading-edge design and technology school with locations in Toronto and Vancouver and London. This academy makes it easier for professionals to get real world education and training. The curriculum is suited to the real tech world and even uses real client projects.


As energy efficiency gains more prominence, Stumply is expected to do well as it is an energy tracker that aims at creating a greener future. It helps track your home’s energy usage and provides analytics that can help you stay on top of your energy usage and cut down on unwanted power expenses.


Foodee is a meal delivery service that sources from restaurants and delivers to your office or event. It is an online tool and offers custom meals from restaurants across the city. It has a fleet of delivery people and is currently available in 3 cities across Canada and 8 cities across the U.S.



Quietly is a marketing service and content provider. It provides publishers and brands with content like blogs, newsletters and social media content. It also helps manage editorial processes and ad making and distribution.


Retsly is a real-estate software created for real estate developers, brokerages, estate agents. It helps aggregate data and can be of great use. Its motto is “Its difficult to ingest, map and maintain real estate data, so we’ve done the work for you.”


Fantasy360 is a company that develops virtual reality and augmented reality video games, hardware, immersive experiences and other media. The technology behind it allows for a melting pot of sports, entertainment and technology. It claims to create highly engaging and interactive experiences meant to leaving lasting impressions on those that experience them. Definitely a company to keep a watch on, since both VR and AR technologies are gaining more popularity.


Later is a platform that helps users to schedule there instagram posts. This is especially useful for brands and celebrity instagram accounts that look to post time bound pictures. Influencers can use this platform to organize their picture and video library and repost when required. As influencers on instagram are increasing by the day, so are the users of this platform.

Glance Pay

Glance Pay is a mobile restaurant payment app that can help pay for your meal without a machine. It can also track receipts and help earn reward points. It was developed by Glance Technologies Inc , whose founders were behind the PayByPhone parking meter payment app, which was recently acquired by a Volkswagen subsidiary.

Breakfast Courier

Breakfast Courier is a food delivery service which operates in Vancouver. It has a customized breakfast menu which can be ordered online, or over the phone. The deliveries are made on a bicycle which makes this service eco friendly and unique.  The service doesn’t charge any delivery fees.

Coastline Market

Coastline Market helps connect commercial fishers to restaurants chefs who are looking to buy good quality fish. It is a marketplace app that aims to empower fisherman while keeping it simple for restaurant chefs. Chefs can use the app to order seafood and get it delivered fresh.