Top Things to Know Before Your Next Office Party

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: January 6, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Hosting a holiday party can be fun if you have got all the details planned. This is especially true for an office holiday party where your relationship with the people attending the party is purely professional.

Planning is everything

Planning is a very important part of any holiday party, but it is more so in a workplace party. Arranging for reinforcements and being prepared for just about every scenario is important. Ensuring the party will be a fun experience for everyone involved; including the team planning it can be good.

Special event insurance is something you should consider if your party is likely to be a big one. This type of insurance is designed to protect events from all types of possible situations that can occur, that could be beyond your control. This insurance also covers potential lawsuits related to property damage, injuries, things getting lost or stolen or any other potential scenario.

While it easy to hope that all goes well and you have a great holiday party, having event insurance could give you some peace, should things go awry.

One of the most important factors for an office holiday party is the location. Choosing a venue which is within your allocated budget is important. The venue should be accessible by all people who are expected to attend. Some companies prefer choosing a venue that is far away but inexpensive and then provides transportation to the party. While others feel paying a premium price for the venue and having it in a central area is easier.  The party should be in a safe neighbourhood and have enough parking for the guests.

Rent things you need for the party ahead of time

Holidays are the time of the year when furniture and equipment rental companies work a lot of business hours. Get ahead of the game by booking your rentals early and knowing everything you will need for the party.

If you are planning to hire a DJ or any other event management related to people, do it early to get a good rate and a good performer. The best DJs and performers are usually booked months in advance. Event insurance can also come to your rescue if any of your rental stuff ends up getting damaged.

Dealing with alcohol-induced issues

Many issues at a party are alcohol-related. There are weird employees who drink too much and cause trouble or some incidents that can happen due to drunken stupidity.

Hiring a caterer who can serve alcohol is the best way, while now there are also separate vendors who can provide a bar and only supply alcohol without food being included. The easiest method is to have the same vendor for both food and drinks.


Safety of your guests is very important and should be the top priority when planning your party. You wouldn’t want one of your employees getting hurt at the party and then suing you. Holiday party liability insurance can also take care of any such potential scenarios. Also, assign something to remember to have a first-aid kit handy at the party.

We hope you have a great office holiday party.