Top Coupon Sites in Canada

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  • Date: January 3, 2021
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Top coupon sites in Canada you must know to shop smart. They say you shouldn’t shop hungry, but have you ever shopped angry? The best way to be a good shopper is to shop smart.

Being a smart shopper is now a lot easier than it ever was. Comparing prices is not such a huge issue anymore; a quick google search is all you need. But let’s be real who has the time to search for all the 34 items on a list?

If you have left the store feeling great about your savings and purchases but later regretted buying that huge jar of mayonnaise that needed to be thrown away after a couple of weeks then shopping smart is the right way for you.

Finding coupons for items that you need is a great way to shop smart. Remember that sometimes you can end up buying unnecessary items because there are coupons available for them, so set a realistic budget that also allows for a few luxuries that you may have otherwise not obtained.

It is also essential to understand that clipping coupon doesn’t make you a miser; in fact, according to research, most highly paid people use coupons to save money. However, the only catch in using coupons was the time it took to figure out the coupons that you want to use. This is where coupon sites can help you change your way of shopping.

When you use a coupon site, you can view all the available coupons and search for coupons for specific items that you require. Looking for coupons in newspapers or flyers is now no longer necessary.

By using coupon sites, you aren’t just shooting in the dark with coupons but instead looking for specific coupons for things that you need. You can save both time and money by doing this online.

Here are some great coupon sites that will make shopping a lot more fun for you while also being strategic.

A very popular and easy to use option, this website will display all the grocery coupons for your location after entering your postal code. Select the ones you want and print them or have them mailed to your home if you can’t print them out. The website is free to use.

This site will mail you the coupons you select and have a large selection of coupons from top grocery brands. They also have some printable coupons.

This is a special feature website where you can print two copies of any coupons that you received in your newspaper.

If you’re looking for coupons for groceries rather than wellness items, then this is the website for you with brands like Quaker, Doritos, and Off The Eaten Path.

The TastyRewards website features both digital and printable coupons you can use in-store.


Valpak lets you search by your location and it will pull up all the Valpak coupons for your area including grocery, restaurant, and service coupons.

This website only has a few coupons at a time, but they are usually excellent ones.

This website makes it easy to get coupons for General Mills products. Sign up for the newsletter to get coupons mailed to you.

Brand coupons

Many major brands have their own coupon sites, here are some top coupon sites in Canada from brand names we found:

Registering on this website means that you can receive Proctor and Gamble coupons.  They also have free samples sometimes.

Note that quantities of samples and coupons are limited, so take a minute to register, and they’ll e-mail you with new offers.

Whole Foods

Apart from picking up the ‘Whole Deal’ booklet for coupons, you can choose the coupons you want from their website.

Some other brands that have coupons on their sites sometimes including Kraft, and Nestle.

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