Top 7 Jobs That Let You Be Your Own Boss While Travelling

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: May 9, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

If you don’t want to work a day job in a big city, live in an overpriced apartment, and deal with an annoying boss, you are in the right place. Here are seven jobs that can let you be your boss while living anywhere.

Freelancing experts and the world of the travelling workforce are now growing. People are making money while travelling across the globe, gaining experiences, and making some moolah working from their computers. Also known as ‘Digital Nomads, ’ these workers can make more money than you imagine.


Being a writer is one of the top choices for a freelance job. While the news industry is not in a great place right now, it can be an excellent time to be a freelancer. Writers can travel to places far away from the city and live a more relaxed and inexpensive life. Copywriters, content providers and copy editors can find many freelancing jobs online while travelling or working on other projects abroad. All a writer needs is a laptop and a good internet connection.

Product development

Running an online shop is something that has become easier than ever.  You can open your e-commerce website and sell things you have created or drop-ship something you like. The options for this are endless, and you could either use the skills you learned at school or turn your hobby into a full-time career.

After you have established the business and have set up the supply chain system, you can work remotely from anywhere while travelling. Internet access across the globe has improved, as has the chance to sell things to people online.


A good designer is always in demand. If you are a designer, instead of sticking to one company going freelance might broaden your horizons. Another option is to start your design agency and work from anywhere globally. If you want to improve your design skills before embarking on your design journey, consider joining an online course to learn sound design techniques.  Start with small designing jobs before you are ready to take up big projects.


Marketing and PR can be done from anywhere. You can run your marking and PR agency if you have a laptop. Other skills you can offer clients include advertisement optimisation and content strategy.

Working from a remote location can be positive in such jobs, and clients will soon flock in if you are reliable and provide excellent quality work.

Film making and production

If shooting videos is your forte, then this can be your niche. Many freelance directors and producers have hit the online jackpot. This job is also great for people looking to travel to new places and opportunities to interact with new people. There are various types of videos that you could shoot apart from advertisements, including demo videos, product infomercials, travelogues and even vlogs.


This is an ideal freelance gig for people fluent in multiple languages. The translation is now becoming easier due to online software available to perform translation tasks that earlier needed people.  However, companies and businesses still need translators to ensure the content is excellent and error-free in the online translation era.

There are many translation jobs available on freelance websites online, and the more exotic your language is, the more likely you are to find a job since completion can be tough.

Software Engineer

Going freelance is an option if you are already a software engineer. Since bigger cities like San Francisco are becoming more expensive, companies hire remote or freelance employees who can get their work done quickly. There are plenty of software-related jobs available for freelance software engineers in companies, including the most prominent names.

If you have decided to plunge into freelancing while travelling the world, you can indeed find a job that suits your skills and passion. With some planning, research, and updating your skills, you are on your way to becoming a digital nomad.