Top 5 Trust-Building Exercises and Games for Your Office

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: April 13, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Playing games at the office can be a great way to build great relationships between co-workers and encourage creativity and collaboration among employees. Games can help bridge the gap between employees of different sections of an office and create a positive space to build good experiences.

Here are the top five games that every boss must consider including in their office. They are inexpensive, fun and can be beneficial to the company in the long run by creating a great work environment and happy employees.

Binder Clip Tag

Tag- your ‘it’. This version played with a binder clip is a fun and really inexpensive game. All you need is a binder clip which you have to clip-on to a co-worker without them noticing. After they realise they have been ‘clipped’ the tag passes on in the same manner. There are no losers or winners but the game can be a great way to get some general conversation in an otherwise sombre office space.

Photo Hunt

Players get a name of another player on a piece of paper. This is based on the game Assassin and players must take a picture of their target to get the ‘hit’. A piece of paper is then given to the victim with the next victims’ name and so on. The game continues till there is a picture taken of everyone and only one person is left. It is not quick and could take days, making it an ideal game for an office. All photos can later be collected, printed out and displayed on a notice board.

The secret mission of the day

This game can be a lot of fun. Players are assigned a secret mission, which they have to accomplish over the course of a workday. The mission could be using a funny word in a sentence 5 times a day or other activities like stealing something specific from a co-worker or even dancing in the office. Players have to accomplish their secret mission without any non-players commenting on the activity or noticing anything different.

Be the Ninja

This is a game where all players can get a chance to be a ninja. The goal is to vanish at unexpected moments without others noticing where you have gone. This game can come off as rude if the other person doesn’t realise the game exists so it can be a good idea to post the rules publically. The disappearing act is the most important part of the game and if you can vanish when your co-worker is talking to you about something then you get bonus points.

Treasure Hunt

While this is a classic game, it is also the best game for an office scenario. It is easy to play and can be a great team-building activity when it is done in groups. This also involves extensive planning making it a great activity for both the organisers and the players. Clues can be hidden just about anywhere and the treasure hunt can end in a small part or some gifts for all participants.

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