Three Financial Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

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  • Date: May 15, 2022
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Financial podcasts are a source of a wealth of knowledge and can be a great way to expand an entrepreneur’s scope of business. Today’s post will be on podcasts specifically for entrepreneurs, and there are three podcasts I want to highlight. Podcasts are audio files available online and can be downloaded onto our mobile devices; they are sometimes available as a series of instalments that users will need a subscription to access.

I prefer podcasts that take on important themes, do weeks or months of intense research, and distil that work into digestible audio form, accessible whether riding the subway to work or lounging lakeside at the cottage

David Kaufman, CEO Westcourt Capital

In a recent editorial article in the Financial Post, the CEO of Westcourt Capital Corp, David Kaufman, suggested three podcasts he said he couldn’t live without.

“I prefer podcasts that take on important themes, do weeks or months of intense research, and distil that work into digestible audio form, accessible whether riding the subway to work or lounging lakeside at the cottage,” Kaufman said.

These podcasts help determine how to think about the world as it develops and changes, adding that podcasts can make us better analysts and, therefore, better investors. Here are the three podcasts he suggests.

Planet Money

Planet Money is a National Public Radio podcast where hosts have conversations with leading thinkers and doers on the economy. The show has won many awards for its excellence, including the 2008 George Polk Award for Business Reporting.

A podcast that has various episodes and deals with a fantastic array of topics, Planet Money is David Kaufman’s first choice. It has episodes that are “as entertaining as it is informative”, in his own words. The best thing about the podcast is that you don’t have to listen to them in order and choose a theme you know you will enjoy.

“My favourite episodes were from 2009-2012 when Planet Money took on the financial crisis head-on and was able to do an amazing job of explaining it. Start with Episode 486, “Crisis Revisited,” and take it where it leads you,” Kaufman writes.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Stephen Dubner. In every episode, Dubner and co-author Steven Levitt talk about the hidden side of everything from our economy to public schools. Freakonomics has been downloaded over 100 million times on iTunes and has won many awards, including a National Academy of Arts & Sciences award for excellence in public understanding of economics through journalism.

Freakonomics Radio is an American public radio program that discusses socioeconomic issues for a general audience. The show is a spin-off of the 2005 book Freakonomics. Journalist Stephen Dubner hosts the show, with economist Steven Levitt as a regular guest. The show is also distributed as a weekly podcast and is among the most popular on iTunes.

This podcast looks at economics, and economist Stephen Dubner says, “the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature – from cheating and crime to parenting and sports.” Kaufman recommends episodes 291 and 291a titled Why Hate the Koch Brothers?” which feature an interview with Charles Koch.

The podcast is excellent for those who want to understand economics better and includes many exciting themes and topics in their episodes.

50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

50 Things that Made the Modern Economy is a podcast hosted by economist Tim Harford. The podcast focuses on trade, globalisation, and technology about economic growth.

The 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy series began as a weekly economic history documentary radio series on the BBC World Service presented by economist and journalist Tim Harford. All episodes are available as podcasts. The series was published as a book by the same name. These podcasts are great for those who don’t travel long distances every day, as each episode is only 10 minutes long.

There are many exciting topics, including podcasts on inventions that changed the world, like the light bulb, pape, diesel engines, etc. Inventions one may not consider crucial until we realise the real significance of its invention and the changes that came with it. However, not all topics are about the past as new inventions like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and new age devices are discussed, giving the listener a peek into the future.

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, it can be hard to find time for everything. Running a business is often an all-consuming endeavour, and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills or gain new knowledge. That’s why podcasts are so popular these days – they’re perfect if you only have 15 minutes at home in the morning before getting ready for work.

Some people might think that financial topics don’t apply to them because they “know enough” about finances, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! While there’s no such thing as too much financial know-how, we’ve compiled a list of three great finance podcasts that will keep you up to date and stimulate your mind.

Image: Patrick Breitenbach