Top 25 Most Sought After Startups in Canada

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: December 9, 2019
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Gone are the days when top talent didn’t wants to work at start-ups and preferred cushy jobs at renowned companies. Exponential growth, stock options and many such advantages have led to talented professionals looking for jobs at Start-ups.

Entrepreneurs start with an idea and a belief that their vision can have a massive impact. It doesn’t always work out that way. But when it does, the effect can be world-changing: A breakthrough start-up can scramble industries, alter how we work and live, and shift talent flows around the world. It’s no wonder that we tend to follow the fortunes of these founders and those who choose to work for them so carefully, Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn said in his note.

The study looks at the top 25 start-ups in Canada and aims to provide professionals with a look at the young companies that are reaching ‘escape velocity’.

The methodology used by the study is to measure start-ups on four pillars: employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent. Employment growth is measured as percentage headcount increase over one year, which must be a minimum of 15%. Engagement looks at non-employee views and follows the company’s LinkedIn page, as well as how many non-employees are viewing employees at that startup.

Job interest counts rate at which people are viewing and applying to jobs at the company, including both paid and unpaid postings. The attraction of top talent measures how many employees the start-up has recruited away from LinkedIn Top Companies, as a percentage of the start-up’s total workforce. Data is normalized across all eligible start-ups. The study’s methodology time frame is July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018.

Here are this year’s top 25 startups in Canada:


  • This Financial Services company is headquartered in Toronto and has over 170 employees across the world. Wealthsimple is one of the Canadian companies expected to become a Unicorn. Wealthsimple Financial Inc. is a Canadian online investment management service focused on making “investing easier for millennials.”


Element AI

  • Element AI is a Computer Software company that uses artificial intelligence in the real world and for helping companies improve their business. It’s Research and Development wing has many big names and the company is expected to make it bigger than it already has. It is only 2 years old and already competing for head to head with the biggies like IBM and Microsoft.

League Insurance

  • League is a start-up that curates healthcare options and insurance including reimbursements for all types of healthcare options. This company is around 4 years old and already has customers like Shopify, Unilever and Facebook.

Kira Systems

  • Kira Systems is a Computer software company that helps law firms and corporations analyse contacts and make complex legal documents easier to understand.

Tribal Scale

  • Tribal Scale is a computer software company that helps companies implement technology from idea to execution.

Ample Organics

  • Ample Organics is an IT company for the cannabis industry. It powers nearly 70 per cent of Canadian medical marijuana growers and is now looking at international expansion.


  • Ritual is a consumer services start-up that aims to create a new way of employees ordering lunch or coffee. The service is used by workplace teams both in the U.S. and Canada including big names like Goldman Sachs and Spotify. Restaurants are eager to use this app as a delivery service since it only charges lower fees than typical delivery apps.


  • Loopio is a computer software company and works with security questionnaires and requests for proposals. The company has an impressive client list including Thomson Reuters, IBM, and Citrix.


  • Flow is a beverage company that delivers spring water to homes in paperboard bottles. It is environment-friendly and is seen as ‘new-gen’ water.



  • StackAdapt is an advertisement platform powered by machine learning. The Toronto based company has doubled in its size last year and is growing fast.

Thalmic Labs

  • This is an electronic wearables company that has gained attention for its Myo armband.

Prodigy Game

  • Prodigy Game is an e-learning based company. It has a free fantasy inspired math game for grades one to eight. Teachers and parents can also be involved in the game and help out when required. The pokemon style math game is gaining a lot of popularity.


  • Dialogue aims to help people who can’t get a doctor’s appointment by using its telemedicine platform. This start-up is 2 years old and has seen around 150 medical professionals join it.

Collective Arts Brew

  • The company wants its Beer to be considered works of art. The cans are designed by artists and the designs are switched up every three months. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, the company’s product is already popular among the art crowd and is gaining rapid popularity.


  • Rangle is a computer software company that helps companies with their web and mobile app development.



Touch Bistro

  • Touch Bistro is an iPad point of sale system for restaurants. It allows waiters to manage reservations, display menus and take orders and submit them. This system in used in many counties and is popular in the restaurant industry.


  • Behaviour is a marketing agency and seeks to understand how consumers behave. It provides marketing and branding strategies for many respected brands.


  • GroupBy is a company that provides search engine optimisation, navigation, merchandising and other services for online retailers. Its clients include Urban Outfitters, CVS, Lancome and more.


  • AlayaCare is a software company that aims to improve health outcomes for patients by improving the workflow for home-care workers, from record-keeping to virtual appointments.


  • TrackTik provides real-time guard management and incident reporting for security professionals. It also helps schedule and tracks payroll functions.


  • Connected is a computer software company that partners with other companies to launch wearables, smart cars and voice interfaces.