Top 10 Ways to Make Your Long Haul Flight More Enjoyable

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: May 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

While travelling to exotic, distant lands is everyone’s dream, the long haul flight to reach there is not always something most travellers look forward to. Whether travelling for business or leisure, here are our top ten ways to make your long-distance flight a lot less stressful.

Travel Light

This is especially important in the case of your carry-on bag. Don’t stuff it with things you won’t need right away to avoid wasting the already less leg space available if you have to stow it in front of you. While you may think filling up your carry on is an excellent way to avoid baggage fees, your feet will thank you later if you check the luggage in.

Have a positive attitude

Be polite to everyone. While this is a good tip for life in general, it is imperative to travel long distances. Be nice to the people around you, whether it’s a flight attendant or your co-passengers. Always check before reclining your seat and be extra lovely during meal times since everyone is stressed enough already.

Be careful about what you drink and eat.

If there is free alcohol on the flight, filling up your glasses can be very tempting. However, refrain from drinking too much as it can be very dehydrating and can impair your judgment. Remember that you are just sitting down, and it can be very difficult to digest food, so choose light meals instead of heavier and greasier food. Bring your snacks along too.

Bring your travel kit.

While many long-distance carriers do give out toiletries, many do not. Bringing your products can help you feel more normal than usual. Brushing your teeth before and after a nap can be a great way to get your body to feel normal, even if you are at sky level. Avoid wearing makeup and pack a few travel essentials like a tiny bottle of lotion and lip balm.

Wear comfortable clothes

Remember that you will be seated for much for your long-distance flight, so wearing loose, comfortable clothing can make you feel at ease. While you may look gorgeous in skinny jeans, they are not for a long-distance flight. Similarly, wear comfortable shoes and keep your make up at a minimum.  Bringing along a scarf or an extra jacket can be a good idea.

Be ready to entertain yourself.

While most flights have a good entertainment system onboard, it can be a good idea to bring your entertainment, whether a book, your iPod or Kindle. Getting your headphones can make your onboard movie watching experience a lot better than using the low-quality headphones provided.

Walk around

While this is not always practical, don’t remain seated for so long that you become rooted to your seat. A quick walk up and down the aisle or to the loo can make a big difference and help prevent swollen feet.

Check-in early

Checking in early and buying your ticket earlier can help you land a better seat, or you could get stuck in the dreaded middle seat.

Invest in a good travel pillow

Avoid a sore neck by investing in a good travel pillow and using it. A good eye mask and having your blanket can make your sleep a lot better too.


Planes can be dry. Stick to water and drink up. While it can be tempting to prefer sodas try to drink water whenever you can. Remember, an extra trip to the loo is better than terrible jet lag that can accompany dehydration.