Tips When Selling to Asian Real Estate Buyers

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: February 4, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Remember that Asia is a huge market and respecting the intricacies of business relationships with foreign clients can be difficult, but do not let it hinder you.

As more Asians look for real estate investments in Canada, it has become important to appeal to their property requirements while attracting a good deal.

The volatility in the Chinese economy and stock market along with the benefits of the low loonie makes Canada an attractive place for Chinese buyers as they see the real estate market here as a stable investment.

Further, the Chinese aren’t the only Asians interested in buying a property in Canada. Many investors from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are heading here to make real estate investments.

High returns from property investments and a strong economy are making Canada a good bet for investments. As more Asians consider Canada a safe investment in their uncertain economic times, there are also other factors leading to these investments that are not purely financial.

Personal property laws are also a reason for the continued real estate interest from Asians apart from strong cultural diversity.

While it may seem like there are many interested buyers, getting a good deal on a property is a lot easier if you know how to appeal to these buyers. While Asians are different from Canadians in many ways, there can be good ways to make the whole process a lot easier for both the buyers and the seller.

Especially with more traditional customers, an important thing to remember is the importance of superstitions and omens. This is especially true when buying the property since they give importance to feng shui, which governs spatial arrangement and orientation to buildings’ flow of energy.

Asian buyers will usually check the basic feng shui of a house themselves or get it checked by an expert. Your personal views about the concept are immaterial as you should be sensitive about the buyer’s preferences. Buyers pay attention to the direction the main door of the house faces and the staircase’s positioning. The address number is also an important factor in their property selection as some numbers are considered luckier than others. Hiring a feng shui expert to certify the house could mean more bids on the house.

Even a simple act of handing over your business card to an Asian buyer can be significant. Use both your hands to hand over the card and similarly receive a card handed to your with both your hands. Asians respect and value their traditions. While they understand that others can’t know everything, it can make a big difference in the business relationship if you make an effort to respect their culture.

This is also especially important when it comes to eating out and choosing food. Food is an important part of doing business in Asia. While eating out at a restaurant you pick is totally acceptable don’t hesitate to ask for their cuisine preference. Also, please don’t make comments about how certain dishes are very unusual; they probably grew up eating it and could easily get offended.

While the language is now no longer a huge issue, it can be a great advantage to have someone who can speak the buyer’s language as some buyers may have issues communicating in English.

Remember that Asia is a huge market and respecting the intricacies of business relationships with foreign clients can be difficult, but do not let it hinder you.