Tips from Done Right Demos on Commercial Demolition

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: January 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

There’s more to demolition than knocking down buildings. These days, demolition contractors must keep an eye peeled for salvageable and hazardous materials.

The cost of demolition for your home, garage, concrete, commercial building, or other building can be nearly impossible to estimate without the help of an expert. A Done Right Demos demolition expert can help with project planning, site preparation and demolition work through waste removal, environmental safeguards and site restoration. They offer all the services you need, from start to finish, and their expertise can help you make smart decisions, keeping demolition costs down.

Done Right Demos does residential and commercial demolition in Vancouver and is based in Vancouver, BC. Done Right Demos pride themselves in providing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure your job gets done right. Their experienced team works with only the latest tools and technology to reduce dust and covers all areas to prevent from anything getting damaged. Safety is their number one priority. Their specialities range from small hand done demolition projects to large scale commercial and industrial demolition. Done Right Demos is licensed, Insured, bonded, and has $5 million Liability Insurance, and of course, is WCB covered.

The demolition of a building is a carefully orchestrated, thoroughly researched affair. Demolition contractors must be conscientious about employee safety and environmental safety or risk losing their business licenses. Like general contractors, demolition experts must follow health and safety standards for employee safety, including WCB registration. And demolition firms must also abide by environmental standards guiding safe deconstruction techniques. Hazardous construction materials, such as asbestos must be safely removed before a building can be demolished.

Focusing on the eco-friendly lessons of demolition has a definite cost-value for residential builders or commercial demolition Vancouver, which have seen a jump in demand for green construction. “Cradle-to-cradle” building techniques that anticipate green demolition down the road can contribute points to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification – the Holy Grail of eco-friendly building. The following looks at some of the things industrial demolition contractors urge residential builders to keep in mind.

Using the latest equipment, Done Right Demos’ crews are qualified Demolition Contractors Vancouver bc, licensed and insured to ensure that your commercial demolition job is done correctly and professionally. Your job may involve structural demolition, such as in the case of one plant being removed to make room for a new one, or it may also involve interior demolition, such as in cases where an office building (or other commercial building) must have asbestos removed or renovated to be wheelchair accessible.

Careful planning and preparation are the first steps of any job to ensure the safety of our workers as well as the safety of members of the public who may be nearby. With Vancouver’s stringent environmental standards, a complete evaluation of the site will be performed to determine the exact planning and techniques that should be used for your job.

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