Thule Pulse Cargo Box Review

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  • Date: August 19, 2022
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Cars aren’t always spacious enough to fit all the necessary items we need to bring out on the road. Many people struggle to fit all their belongings required into their car, resulting in having to leave things out or attempting to stuff them all in one space, which isn’t a good option.

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That is why cargo boxes have become a vital accessory for car owners who need more storage. A cargo box is an extra box of empty storage room installed on your vehicle’s roof, allowing you to bring more stuff with you on your travels while keeping your possessions safe and secure.


Cargo boxes are the best solution for storage problems with a vehicle. They are not invasive and can be installed and removed quickly, doing no damage to your car.

Although there are a variety of cargo boxes on the market, they range in specs and price. A trusted cargo box that people have been buying is the Thule Pulse Cargo Box. Its price differs based on the size purchased—the minimum fee is around $400, going up to $700 depending on the dimensions.

About The Product

The Thule Pulse Cargo Box mounts firmly to your car’s roof and stays in place throughout your ride—no matter how many miles your trip happens. You can adjust this cargo box forwards or backwards. It is waterproof and will survive all kinds of rain and storm without getting damaged or letting water leak through to your possessions.

This box doesn’t make much noise when on the road. The Thule Pulse Cargo Box fits many things at once, and it can even double the storage of your current car because it is so spacious.


  • Durable
  • Made of rugged ABS material
  • Easy-grip mounting
  • Secure lock
  • Single side opening
  • Can hold skis
  • It fits a variety of systems
  • Different sizes available

Who Can Benefit

This purchase will benefit people looking to add a lot of storage room to their vehicles. The Thule Pulse Cargo Box comes in various sizes that cater to everyone’s storage needs, maximizing compatibility between device and user.

People who go on family trips, ski trips, camping trips, and sporting events will benefit from this purchase. It is a great cargo box to keep skis, snowboards, and hiking or camping equipment in. It is a much-needed purchase for those who travel and participate in physical activities.


The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is made from durable and rugged ABS material. This material is long-lasting and durable—specifically designed to keep any items on the inside safe from external damage. This material is also thermodynamic and is protective of all sorts of weather, from rain to shine.


The hood of this cargo box is designed to make as little noise as possible. It is crafted in an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag, which can also negate a potential impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

This cargo box utilizes Secure Lock technology, which ensures that your belongings are safely locked in place at all times until you decide to open the device.


The Thule Pulse Cargo box comes in various sizes with different measurements. The dimensions are Medium (14 cubic feet), Large (16 cubic feet), and Alpine (11 cubic feet). This device weighs 41.5 pounds. This cargo box gives Easy-Grip mounting, allowing it to be assembled easily.

The exterior design of this cargo box is black, shiny, and sleek. The hood is aerodynamic and can be left on your car at all times and through all seasons. The lid opens on the passenger side, equipped with a lid lifter that holds the lid open for you for hands-free access to your cargo. 

The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is compatible with Thule rack systems, round bars, and most factory bars.


This cargo box is very convenient because of its Secure Lock system. Once you open the cargo box, it is held open automatically by a lid lifter, so you don’t need to hold the lid open. Once you push the lid to close, the Secure Lock system ensures that all edges are entirely closed and then locks.


The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is easy to install. It forms a quick attachment to the roof’s racks using the easy-grip technology. The box snaps into place with the grooves of the racks. It typically takes less than 5 minutes to install.

Insider Thoughts

The Thule Pulse Cargo Box is an excellent investment for extra storage, adding lots of space and convenience. For areas or days with extremely heavy rain, you can add self-adhesive weatherstripping into the top lid for additional protection if you have any sensitive materials inside.

This cargo box should not make any noise if any. If you hear strange noises, your box may not be mounted correctly. Check for a correct and sturdy mount. This cargo box will also be ideal for families who need more storage during trips.

Measure the length and width of your car’s roof or racks to ensure you purchase the correct cargo box for your vehicle. The size you choose should correlate to the space you want to create and the sized car you already have.

Our Buying Advice

The versatility of the Thule Pulse Cargo Box will work well with families, those who attend sporting events, or people who like to take trips. The best place to buy this cargo box from is Amazon.

Our Recommendation

We would highly recommend buying the Thule Pulse Cargo Box. For the price, it has many significant benefits that will be added to your vehicle.