Finding The Perfect Multi-Tool

One of the most important resources to have while travelling outdoors is a multitool. A multi-tool is a versatile instrument that includes multiple functions and tools under one device. Multi-tools allow you to carry one gadget instead of spending hundreds on unique tools. That’s why we want to help you find the best multi-tool available. … Read more

Difference Between A Multi-Tool And Swiss Knife

Swiss Army knife

Tim Leatherman propounded this concept as he was travelling through Europe. He realized that the Swiss Army Knives lacked the characteristics for heavy-duty work and, thereby, developed a compact and versatile tool that included a great pair of pliers and other things you can expect to find in a standard Swiss Army Knife such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and a knife.

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Leatherman-Juice S2 Multi-Tool Review

Whether you have little experience fixing things or being a professional handyman (or woman), it is always a great idea to have a multi-tool. This requirement is particularly true when you are camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing or travelling. However, thrill-seekers do not like to burden themselves with multiple tools such as a blade or wire cutter.

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Everything You Need To Know About Multi-tools


There’s never a situation where a multi-tool isn’t useful. Multi-tools are known for their versatility, reliability and overall function. It doesn’t matter if you’re out in the woods or using it for everyday carry; you need a multi-tool by your side. That’s why we’ve created this post to teach you the mechanics behind the multi-tool. … Read more

Situations When A Multi-Tool Will Come In Handy

Whether you want to fix up your bike, hang some art on the wall, or open an especially problematic piece of plastic packaging, some moments often pop up in our life when a versatile or all-around utility tool can undoubtedly come in handy. There are many uses for multi-tools, but before we dive into situations … Read more