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Expert Advice For Building A Legally Sound Business

Running a business is a challenge because you need to do a lot. From managing operations to handling your team, staying a step ahead of customer expectations, and keeping track of finances, the list never ends. The business landscape is competitive, but the challenges extend beyond staying ahead of the competitors. You also need to […]

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Self-Employed People Can Get Easier Mortgages

New regulations by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) have made it easier for self-employed Canadians to invest in a house to get a mortgage.

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Tax Season and Economics of a Crowdfunding Campaign

As the Kickstarter Method of Pooling Sources Gains Rapidly, There Is One Piece of Advice That People Who Have Dealt With Crowd Funding Campaigns Have – Hire an

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Cryptocurrency and the Canadian Taxman

Cryptocurrency is the new age of currency. It’s growing in popularity and with it, so does tax concerns. Canadian investors need to understand the tax implications associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here is everything you need to know about how cryptocurrency is taxed in Canada by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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Montreal Is the New Housing Hotspot for Chinese Buyers

According to various reports online, Montreal is the new housing hotspot for Chinese buyers as Toronto and Vancouver levies foreign buyer tax.

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Top 7 Ways to Minimize Your Tax Bill This Year

Hardly everyone enjoys paying taxes. However, there are many legal ways you can minimise your taxes. Here are some quick ways to minimise your tax bill before it is time to file your next return.

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Keeping Your Side Hustle on the Right Side of the Taxman

Keeping Side Business Like Uber or Airbnb on the Right Side of the Taxman.

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Canadian Tax Evaders Monitored on Social Media

Social media posts of Canadian taxpayers who could be cheating on their taxes are being monitored by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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Tax Tips: Restaurants Should Not Treat Tips as Income

But how do restaurants deal with tips in their taxes? There are actually two ways a restaurant can deal with the tips the staff make.

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TFSA vs RRSP, Which Should You Choose?

Have you spend time wondering whether to choose between TFSA vs RRSP? Now is the time to analyse your needs and decide.

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