Vancouver, Canada from the air

What Are the Best Canadian Cities for Entrepreneurs

Vancouver leads the list of best Canadian cities for entrepreneurs, but if the west coast’s high real estate prices or damp climate are not your things, there are several other options in Canada.

Calgary Start-Up Wants to Change How Houses Are Bought and Sold

Tech start-up ‘Properly’ aims to change the way houses are bought and sold in Calgary. A technology-based real-estate estate start-up cleverly named ‘Properly’ is hoping to change the way homes are bought and sold in Calgary.

Rider hailing Uber car

Uber in Canada Faces the Heat From Cities, Taxi Drivers

Since There Aren’t Any Nationwide Established Standards Regulating the Taxi Industry, Uber Has Been Struggling to Cut Deals With Each Municipality.

marijuana plants

How Canadian Cannabis Companies Are Getting Ready for Legalization

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Canada for a short time now. Here is what the CEOs of four of the largest licensed companies dealing with cannabis had to say about how the industry is geared up for the process.

Amex Credit Card Takes Bullet For Calgary Tycoon

Calgary tycoon Riaz Mamdani was saved from a fatal bullet wound as his American Express card in his suit vest blocked the bullet. The high end “black card” a credit card made of titanium prevented the bullet from entering his heart. 

OnlineCremation – the New Way of Planning Funerals

OnlineCremation is a Calgary funeral service that provides a new option for Calgarians looking for an easier option during a difficult time.

City of Calgary

Calgary’s New Skyscraper Could Be Short on Tenants

Calgary’s New Skyscraper Could Be Short on Tenants

City of Calgary

Business Opportunities in Calgary for out of Work

Startups are the new boon for out of work employees who are creating their own business opportunities in Calgary.