How to start a business selling courses without having to create online courses

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: December 30, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Elearning is one of the hottest industries online today. It’s been growing rapidly for the good part of the last decade and is only accelerating since it’s popular globally and allows professionals to upgrade their skills without having to go to college to earn extra degrees.

Since Elearning is growing, being an online instructor who sells courses has also been a good business because there is strong buying demand for courses in technology, business, marketing, personal development, and other professional skills. The challenge for people who want to become instructors is that it isn’t easy to create good online courses. You have to buy equipment, present well, learn video and audio editing, and much more. 

Luckily, there are ways to acquire online courses without having to create them. You can either pay people to create courses for you or license existing courses to resell. The licensing is an intriguing option because the courses are already made and you can have them overnight. The type of license common in this space is PLR which stands for Private Label Rights. There are many quality PLR courses available. 

When you license PLR courses, you can edit any part of them to make it look like they are a part of your brand. Most importantly, you can resell the courses and collect 100% of the revenue you generate. These essentially become white label courses to resell with the only part of the course that is not white label is the fact that someone is teaching the course. But you should leverage the instructor’s background as a strength. 

That immediately solves the challenge of having to create courses. The other challenge is having to upload them and create your own online course website. But that doesn’t have to be a challenge either. You can also have this done for you. You can franchise an Elearning business and have everything done for you including coaching and having marketing help. You can also just have your own white label online course platform made for you with courses licensed and uploaded.

It isn’t free to license courses or franchise a whole Elearning business. But if you calculate the time you have to spend creating your own online courses, buying equipment, going through the learning curve of improving as an instructor, the cost of licensing begins to look very attractive, especially since you can have the courses ready immediately.