Sky Snap : Toronto-based Drone Services Company

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  • Date: March 19, 2022
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Sky Snap is a Canadian company that offers drone rentals and drone photography services including: aerial surveying services and aerial mapping services.

Introducing Sky Snap, a Toronto-based Drone Services Company.

What is Sky Snap?

Sky Snap is a Canadian company that offers drone rentals and drone photography services including: aerial surveying services and aerial mapping services. Their operators are fully trained and licensed (UAV training and licensed pilots). Though Drones Plus they sell a number of different drone models, and offer a rent to own program. What makes Sky Snap unique? A uniquely structured company, Sky Snap, in combination to these above services also offer equipment rental, maintenance packages and training. On select drones they also offer a rent-to-own program, were you receive your first rental day as a credit towards a new drone purchase at the Drones Plus store. If you’re looking to get started, rentals are quite affordable, starting at only $160 for a basic model like the DJI Phantom 3 Professionalor the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K, both able to shoot 4K video or 12MP stills.

What is the history of the Sky Snap?

Sky Snap had its start as a Toronto Drone Rental Company and has grown from there to offer a number of other services including training and UAV maintenance services, but what sets them apart is they offer a range of services including aerial photo, video, surveying and mapping services, all carried out by fully trained and licensed UAV pilots.

Who are the founders?

Slava Gravets is the founder and CEO of Sky Snap, a Drone Photography Toronto and video company that is also Canada’s only drone rental shop. Slava is also a co-owner of AdWave, a marketing company specializing web design and in inbound marketing channels such as SEO, social media and online advertising.

What are the benefits of aerial photography for businesses?

As a aerial photography company, Sky Snap can provide customers with drones and UAV pilots for a number of applications that drones bring unique benefits in terms of cost, safety and time saved, when compared to traditional methods.

Here are some examples of applications where Sky Snap’s services can make a difference:

TV and Filmmakers

Watch any kind of live TV show these days and you’ll probably catch a few shots where the camera seems to fly back and away from the host revealing a larger scene, and you’re pretty much guaranteed that’s a shot done with a drone – the cost and safety issues alone mean that things which would have been limited to helicopter photography are gone thanks to lightweight drones outfitted with high definition cameras.

Real Estate

The real estate market was one of the first businesses, along with the film and TV, to recognize the potential for drones. Almost overnight, drones made aerial photography available at a cost and quality unheard of ten years ago. For prospective buyers, an aerial view of a property is the best way to show the true dimensions of a location. Companies such as Sky Snap provide this as a service too if you don’t have a trained operator available or wish to purchase a drone of your own.


Like the real estate business, Resorts can use drone photography and video to give potential visitors an appreciation of your venue, after all one of the first thing which a visitor check out on a resort site is its pictures. Photos can provide a more engaging view of a resorts layout, gold courses, beaches and other highlights of the venue.

Other industries are finding out drones can be used for more than just taking spectacular aerial shots.

Aerial Surveying is finding a growing market in inspecting wind turbines

Traditionally the wind-energy industry has relied on doing manual turbine inspections with service people climbing up the towers; at 65 metres or more (about a 20 story apartment) for a large one, it’s potentially a dangerous situation, and one that has to be done regularly, maybe on dozens of wind turbine on a wind farm. It then often takes several hours for staff technicians to individually climb and inspect each turbine tower.

Another method sometimes used is to photograph the wind turbine from the ground at every angle possible, but this has a lot of obvious disadvantages.

Drones can be operated from the ground and provide high-definition video footage or photographs of the turbine under inspection, including getting valuable footage of any damage done to the turbine’s blade tips – some of the most difficult and dangerous parts of the turbine to inspect manually. Using a drone, the remote-control operator and surveyors on the ground can capture every viewing angle within only 30 minutes Once a problem is identified, only then do technicians need to climb a turbine tower, reducing time (and money) spent on needless climbs and employee safety.

As a Canadian Aerial Mapping Service company, Sky Snap can handle jobs such as this or provide training to operators.

Construction Applications

Like aerial surveying and mapping, drones have unique abilities to provide aerial photography of building under construction. Whether it’s providing inspections of areas that are hard, and/or potentially dangerous to access, or to provide an overview of progress to stakeholders, a drone, such as the types Sky Snap provides make a perfect tool.Sky Snap offers Aerial Surveying Services in Canada that is perfect for this application.

Marketing and Branding

Like film and real estate, the same kind of drones can also give a company’s branding and marketing a unique look; the aerial vantage location provides a look usually unseen, and that draws attention. Aerial photography can enhance a business’ visual appeal.

On their company blog, Sky Snap offers useful information on these and other services, check it regularly for updates.

Sky Snap’s main office is in Concord, Ontario, just north of Toronto.
231 Millway Ave #1, Concord, ON L4K 3W7
Phone: 877-503-8837