Situations When A Multi-Tool Will Come In Handy

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  • Date: May 29, 2021
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Whether you want to fix up your bike, hang some art on the wall, or open an especially problematic piece of plastic packaging, some moments often pop up in our life when a versatile or all-around utility tool can undoubtedly come in handy.

There are many uses for multi-tools, but before we dive into situations where a multi-tool would come in handy, let’s discuss what a multi-tool is.

What Is A Multi-Tool?

A multi-tool includes any one of a wide range of versatile and portable hand tools that seamlessly combines many individual functions in one unit. The smallest of these tools are key-sized or credit-card sized units designed to carry on a key-ring or in a wallet. In contrast, you can carry others in a belt-mounted pouch or trouser pocket.

Multitool In Hand

Some versions include tweezers, nail files, folding scissors, toothpicks, screwdriver bits, and magnifying glass.

Multi-Tool Uses

Here are a few situations where you’ll find a multi-tool useful.

Trimming Baseboards And Door Casings

When you add a new floor, it usually means you have to trim the baseboard and door casings to get an excellent professional looking fit. Use a small sample of your new flooring as a guide for cutting.

This part is where a multi-tool can make the job simpler. The varying size and portability of the accessory blades provide you with the option to use a narrow blade for intricate notches while a broad blade for making larger cuts. The blades are incredible as they can cut hardwood, softwood and a wide variety of other materials.

Hang A Tarp

Camping is a fun and relaxing way for people looking to escape the grind or monotony of daily life and enjoy some peace, tranquillity, and solitude. It is all nice and dandy until the dark clouds roll in, and all of a sudden, your idyllic campsite is being drenched.

However, stringing up a functional tarp in the trees is an excellent way to have nice and cosy shelter on hand in the unfortunate event of inclement weather. With a tarp, you can still thoroughly enjoy the open air and stay dry simultaneously.

Moreover, you will not track mud into your tent where you sleep. Therefore, if you have a multi-tool on hand, you could quickly cut rope or twine for the rainy day shelter in little time.

Remove Old Paint

We all know that removing blistered and peeling paint isn’t fun; however, it is less tedious to have a multi-tool such as a string trimmer handy. All you have to do is attach a scraper blade, preferably made of steel, to the tool to get rid of the loose, blistered paint. After that, use a sanding pad and sand down to the shiny metal or bare wood below.

Removing Paint

You should start with a top-quality coarse-grit abrasive and use gradually finer abrasives until you have the desired smoothness level.

Repair Your Snow Gear

When it comes to various snowsports, your gear is your lifeline. We all know that skis, snowshoes, snowboards, and cold-weather wear are designed to keep you active, but even more importantly, they are meant to keep you secure and safe.

If they fail or do not perform at par, that can spell the end of fun in the snow, and nobody likes that. And in the worst cases, it might mean that your precious life is in danger.

As a result, whether you are fixing a broken zipper or tightening a loose binding, your multi-tool could help you survive as well as enjoy the frozen elements for much longer.

Salvage Room Moldings

It is almost impossible to remove wood moulding without damage. An effective way of doing this is using a multi-tool, such as a handheld blower. You can install a metal-cutting blade (fine-tooth) to cleanly and efficiently slice through old caulking, multiple coats of dried paint, and even finishing nails.

You could use this great technique to safely get rid of virtually any kind of room trim, such as shoe moulding, window and door casings, baseboard, and chair rail. This application is a testament to how versatile a multi-tool can be.

Craft A Fishing Hook

This situation is another where a multi-tool can do the trick. So, if you ever find yourself on a beautiful river without hooks, it would be great to make your own. And your friends or family will be quite impressed if you not just caught dinner but also caught it with your hand-shaped hooks. All you have to do is find some wire for your hook, a stick, and a string.

Moreover, your multi-tool could help turn an ordinary branch into an ideal fishing pole and gut the catch. What more could you need?

Bicycle Repair

There is nothing better than riding off into the serene countryside. However, what is not so great is the 20-mile walk back on a dusty, dirt road in case your bike has a flat or a few screws come loose. This reason is why a multi-tool is a no-brainer for most cyclists.

Using Multi-Tool For Bike Repair

Many cyclists tend to carry an Allen wrench or hex key, which is, without a doubt, a smart idea, but it still leaves them underprepared. On the other hand, a great multi-tool could help with almost any type of situation, from fixing a flat tire to slicing up the apple you would like to eat for a snack.

Apart from keeping a great multi-tool on hand, keep a few extra parts like an air pump and a tire tube to make sure that you are ready for almost anything.


The significant advantage is that it saves space and weight over a group of individual tools that perform the same function.