Setting Up A Business Space: Here Is Your Ultimate Checklist

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  • Date: June 24, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Finally, you have got the idea to start your own business. The idea can be about anything. You may be thinking of starting an online marketing firm or selling handmade goods. If it’s important enough to put time and effort into, then make sure you take the time to map out every step.

One thing is for sure. It’s not going to be easy. Many challenges come with being an entrepreneur; one of the most faced challenges is setting up your business space.

Opening up your first space in your hometown is advisable, and Montreal has some great places that are perfect for offices and shops.

You should have an office, workshop, or a store at a proper location, accessibility, and other essential things that need to be considered. 

There are so many things to look after to build a proper space. That said, if this is something you want, then there are a few things you should do before diving headfirst into the journey.

The following checklist will help you set up your business space – whether large or smaller in size!


The importance of location is often overlooked when it comes to running a business. As per experts, the more visible your company is in its target area, the higher your chance of acquiring new clients. There are three primary factors to be successful with any venture: People (target audience), Place (location), and Product (quality).


To build a business space, you must first figure out what furniture to use. An important thing to note about the space is that everything that you put in it should serve a purpose for your business.

You should also consider emergency cases. There might be times when you have to move. So, keep furniture that is easy to move.


When you start your own business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find sources that can supply all the equipment. There are a lot of suppliers who have products or services required regularly by businesses like yours. Suitable wholesale suppliers can be a huge source of savings as they often sell at cost-efficient prices.

Here’s what else needs consideration when looking for an organization to supply:

  1. Location if delivery depends on it
  2. Reliability not only in terms of inventory but also shipping times
  3. Operating hours so deliveries can occur during standard workdays without interrupting production schedules


Security is not just a concern for large companies. Whether selling candy from the corner store or running an online business, every business needs to be concerned with security and protecting its interests. The first and most important step is installing CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras are a must for any business today. These high-tech devices allow you to monitor your premises and stop potential theft. It is advisable to take the help of experts to know more about it.

There are many options available in Montreal itself, do your research and equip your space with the best Commercial Video Surveillance Cameras in Montreal. If there is an incident, the camera can provide substantial evidence that will be helpful in investigations by authorities later on.

Apart from CCTV cameras, ensure that you have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to use in emergencies. Provide adequate security lighting around the building and in parking areas. Consider an alarm system connected to local emergency services (police)

4 Things to keep before choosing your business space:


The first step in placing your office space is determining the type of clients. If possible, it’s best to choose a location that is easily accessible to most of your customers. It is also best if the site is accessible to employees, partners, or vendors.

The accessibility of utilities like power, water, and gas is also important. You should have your space in a place with a proper water supply and electricity as per the need of your business. Overlooking these factors may cost you your potential clients.


If you are setting up a new business space, the materials’ quality is another consideration that should not be overlooked. Low-quality materials may have lower resale value in the future.

Furthermore, materials with poor quality may need frequent replacement. It’s best to use high-grade products when designing your office structure and choosing items like carpeting, flooring, etc.

Effective Price

When you start looking for business space, pricing matters. Although, when it comes to building office space, location and quality need to be considered before anything else.

Ask this question to yourself. Will your company be able to afford the rent without a hefty price tag?

You may have to do some digging on your own to find an affordable lease. Location-wise, don’t just look at rentals or leases in big box buildings. Make sure to visit small properties that are offered at reasonable prices.

You can also find out what employees think about certain locations to make better decisions. If new furniture is a bit costly as per your budget, consider buying used ones. Although make sure the quality is not compromised too much.

Plan for long term

Whether you own an established company or are setting up a new one, it’s important to look at the big picture. You will want to use your office for many years, so it must be designed for long-term use. While starting, you may have 10-15 employees, but eventually, the number will grow. Choose office space that can be expanded later as needed.

Also, if you are leasing out space, ensure the lease agreement and the place owner are flexible so that it doesn’t create a problem whenever you want to extend the lease. It is advisable not to relocate a lot, as it can adversely affect your business.


Choosing an office space can be overwhelming. The key to making the right decision is thinking and planning it carefully. Do proper research before deciding on the right office space for your business. Follow the tips listed above and find yourself in your business space. You can also contact professionals who help you choose the best space for your business.

Photo by Croissant on Unsplash