5 Best Places To Put Security Cameras In Your House

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: May 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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Creating a safe environment for your family is your main priority, whether you are awake, asleep, or not home. The good thing is that there are many different methods to secure your home, the most effective being security cameras.

Security cameras help you monitor your home in real-time while away, but their footage also makes for ample evidence during a court case. However, deciding where to place security cameras around your house or how many to use is not always straightforward.

This article will highlight the best places to install security cameras around your house and how they can help deter burglars from entering your home.

How Security Cameras Can Help Stop Burglars

Security cameras are great because they record any suspicious activities or criminals that try to enter your home. Even though they don’t work as a physical barrier, security cameras tend to deter burglars from entering your home.

Keep in mind that security cameras must be visible to repel burglars, but they should be out of arm’s length so they can’t be destroyed or tampered with. Also, note that your house’s size and layout will help decide the correct number of security cameras for your case.

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Putting Security Cameras Around Your Home

Once you have decided on the number of cameras you want to place around your house, you should start thinking about where you want to put them. You can always get creative, but remember to make sure there are cameras installed in the following places:

Basement And Low-Traffic Areas

Many basements have a small window or hatch that can be unlocked from the outside by a burglar. You need to place a camera on the stairs leading up to the basement or even outside the hatch to record any intruders trying to enter your premises.

Backyard, Side Gates, And Alternative Entrances

Yard equipment can be expensive, and doors usually lead out to your garden. Ensure security cameras are placed in alternate entrances and the backyard so no intruder goes undetected.

Windows That Are Not Facing The Street

Most burglars enter homes by smashing a window that is not in front of the house or facing the street. Place a security camera aiming at any windows that are not facing the street to help prevent any intruders from breaking in.

Front Door

More than one-third of all burglars enter homes through the front door. Placing a security camera to protect your front door is a great way to reduce the possibility of suffering a break-in.

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Back/Patio Door

Burglars also tend to enter through the back or patio door. These are often sliding dividers made of glass that can be smashed, so you should place a camera at any possible access point.


Installing security cameras around your house is an excellent way to protect your family and valuable possessions. Use the tips outlined above to place security cameras around important areas of your home and prevent any burglars from entering your property.