Residents Sue Toronto Real Estate Developer for Not Using Promised Interior Designer

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: November 12, 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Residents of Toronto’s Six50King building have filed a $6.5 million lawsuit against the developer of the building Freed Developments Ltd.
The lawsuit comes in the wake of the developer defending its decision to not use the interior designer advertised while selling the condos.

The company’s marketing brochure and website advertised Munge Leung Design Associates as part of the project’s “dream team”, however Munge Leung did not work on the design of the building, leaving residents feeling cheated.

“The idea of a Munge Leung interior was one of the reasons I chose to buy a unit in this building”, resident Aaron Crangle said. He added that the results were disappointing.

The company however claims it never promised to include Munge Leung in the building’s design, and it was a “business decision” to shift designers. The decision was made after marketing brochures were already produced, the company added.

Residents of the building had signed an agreement acknowledging that the company could “change, vary or modify” the design of the building at its sole discretion, Freed said adding that this would render the lawsuit ‘without merit’.

Toronto real estate experts advise potential customers to wait till buildings are finished to buy a unit so as to avoid such situations, however buying a pre-fabrication condo is a less expensive option and saves the buyer thousands of dollars.

As the lawsuit still remains in its early phases, it still remains to be seen what outcome can be expected.