Remote Temperature Monitoring With Loggerflex’s Bun

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 25, 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Vancouver, BC – based startup Loggerflex has a durable device that lets customers remotely monitor and record temperature and humidity to solve everyday problems with a simple and user-friendly technology.

Who Is Loggerflex?

While Loggerflex is a new name, and the company is using the newest technology in measurement and communication, they’re building on the knowledge and experience of a mid-century Danish metering company.

A green-oriented company, Loggerflex dedicates their efforts to providing easy monitoring solutions in the most flexible way, while at the same time, progressively reduce their products’ environmental footprint, both in the manufacturing process, but also during the product’s lifespan, including end-of-life recycling.

What Is the Bun?

Called Bun Hygro (or Bun), Loggerflex devices are the durable measurement devices that preform the actual recording of temperature and relative humidity in short intervals and upload all the readouts automatically through WiFi to their web-based application. They are fitted with an internal ultra-long-life battery (up to 25 years). The recording intervals can be adjusted from one minute to two hours, and the upload intervals can vary from every minute to once a week.

As an alarm system, Bun Hygro will immediately upload the records if the measured values exceed or fall below the user-defined levels, and then the user will be notified through an e-mail and a text message. The Bun can also monitor it’s own health and send you notification when the battery is low long before it dies. In the event that the Bun device is not sending updates (as in the case of a dead battery or damage to the device), you will receive Email and text message (SMS) notifications from server.

The Bun is designed to last, thanks to its IP54 dust and water resistant enclosure to protect it from impacts and physical damages.


The Software

The durable Bun just half of the solution Loggerflex provides.


With Loggerflex’s software, you always have access to every single read-out your device recorded, along with the time. Useful information like average, minimum and maximum registered temperature and RH can be extracted for any intervals with exact time and date. These records are accessible to view and download in PDF format, and all the read outs can be extracted in Microsoft Excel format. This gives you access to all the records in the future (like restaurants should keep a log book for health inspection).

Trends are often easier to spot when viewed as graph, so their software allows graphs to be extracted for any interval from latest upload back to the moment of installation. Graphs can be downloaded in JPG, PDF and SVG formats.

Interested in learning more about how the Bun and its software can help you with monitoring temperature and humidity? Visit them at to learn more.