Rap Princess’ Five Tips to Rule Entrepreneurship

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  • Date: July 15, 2018
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Miss Chay Bella aka Rap Princess is a published songwriter, author, social media influencer, and all around unconventional CEO. With her new single “Do It Anyway”, of course we know she hates rules. But who doesn’t? And if she had to hypothetically share a few to help you follow an intense passion or business idea, she would definitely do so in a heartbeat. 

As a serial entrepreneur, her new book “Do It Your Way” does exactly just that and sets the bar extremely high with helpful tips for pursuing your dreams. So here we have five rules, more like overlooked tips, that she would definitely recommend to make your entrepreneurial journey much easier. Now promise to go grow your business, inspire others, and thank her later.

Rule #1 Never Spill Coffee On Yourself

A million bazillion coffee trips later, and I finally mastered the art of looking well put together while carrying coffee. What have I learned? You just can’t run with it! The stains and the sweat above all else are a no go. So why am I rushing, tired, so clumsy and forgetful? Can’t I look as graceful as the fairytale in my head while dominating the business world? Can’t I walk confidently with my cup of joe? Yes. But if you’re running late, it’s better to ditch the java and burn some lava. Most likely, there’s a coffee spot right around the corner from your destination. Use sleep, gps, and phone reminders all to your advantage. Find a decent cafe, have breakfast there, and try to ditch the snooze button anywhere before an important meeting. Once you start your business, you can send Joe to get your cup of joe or at least invest in a Keurig.

Rule #2 Keep Your Time Valuable

There’s two places you definitely don’t want to be stuck, the Department of Motor Vehicles on a Monday or the check-cashing place on a Friday. Be in control of your time, study peak hours, avoid rush hour traffic, and use each moment of your time wisely. Consider spending more time together with those who value your time, but also make sure they add value as well. You’ll need time management in order to accomplish everything you need to take care of as boss.

Rule #3 Openly Pay Attention

Pay attention to everything around you. The patterns, the signs, the conversations. All valuable. Watch your back, and be on high alert. Observe analytics, get feedback, and notice who’s in your corner through it all.

Who sticks it out and believes in you during the downturns and plateaus? Pay extra attention to the attention that you are given, and give even more attention back to positive comments and less to negative ones.

Rule #4 Wait For Family and Friends

You need real genuine friends to make you feel good or some sort of family. Hopefully, they should be your motivators. You don’t have to leave them in the dust or without a clue. As simple as it may sound, they might just not get it. Simply wait for them. Explain to them your plan and what results you are expecting and why it’ll work. That doesn’t mean slow down what you’re doing until they get on board with your idea. Simply allow them to catch up without you holding on to any grudges of not supporting. Help them realize their strengths and develop their own endeavors to avoid conflicts within your company. We all need help to get the ball rolling. Someone has to reach out first. Collaborate with them however possible, and curve that resentment into a few powerful businesses instead of one.

Rule #5 Use What You Got

If you have ten fingers, use them. If you don’t, use what’s left. In the beginning, it’s going to be mostly you building your dream and you alone. At times, it’s pretty freaking overwhelming, but it’s only preparing you for the workload you asked for! Don’t forget that. When your back is against the wall, use what you have to make the most out of any situation. Be the problem solver. Be the doer. Be the creator and the artist. Read more, learn more skills, do 99.9% of whatever work you have to in the beginning. Have as much input as you can throughout the entire process, and pass on what you’ve learned to your first employees. Be very proud of your business, it’s your new baby! The more you know, the more you grow.

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