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  • Date: April 30, 2022
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Birch Hill Media provides a complete set of media services for the Toronto/GTA real estate professional, from printing to websites to video, including aerial and virtual tours.

Introducing Birch Hill Media

Birch Hill Media provides a complete set of media services for the real estate professional. Everything from an MLS-compliant website, video and photography (including aerial drone photography) to printed marketing material and stationery to place your real estate business in the most professional light.

Birch Hill Media offers a host of service packages to meet different needs. These include video and photography packages, including aerial photography, virtual tours, websites, printing services, and floor plans. See their website for current offerings. If you don’t see a package that meets your needs, contact them, and they’ll be happy to offer customised solutions to your needs.

Here are some of the services Birch Hill Media offers:

Online Marketing Solutions

Customers’ first point of contact with a business is often its online presence. Birch Hill can help you get in front of your customers with their online marketing solutions. Their services include Google and Facebook advertising, website design and administration, logo design, content writing, and email newsletters.

For online marketing, as part of Premium and Elite packages, you’ll receive social media promotional images and videos that can be posted on social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Real Estate Printing & Design Solutions

But of course, there’s more to a professional image than a website. For all your printing needs, Birch Hill has you covered. Everything from logo design, business cards, stationery, to “Thank You” cards, feature sheets, For Sale / Open House signs, and more, can handle everything from initial design to printing and delivery.

Real Estate Photography

Both video and still photography go a long way to setting a property. Clients can look at floor plans, but nothing beats the visual impact of professional video. Over the years, Birch Hill’s photographers have developed a system to deliver results that look natural, bright, open, and welcoming to clients, giving potential buyers an accurate feel for the rooms while highlighting key areas like hallways, doorways, and windows.

Real Estate Video

Birch Hill has several video services. Two options include the slideshow video that puts the photos they’ve taken into motion with crisp images backed by music, giving your clients time to get a feel for the estate in a calm, automated manner. The next step up from the slide-show videos is the Walk-Thru Video, which takes clients through the property, giving them the most accurate view short of actually being there. Video is shot in high-definition and posted to YouTube and your website for sharing with clients. When local laws allow, this service can include a drone video as well.

Virtual Tours and 360-degree Panoramas

For a more interactive view, they offer Virtual Tours and 360-degree panoramas that can be placed on a website to allow visitors to see around the property at their leisure. Virtual Tours typically include the main floor living spaces, oversized bedrooms, and entertaining outdoor spaces.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans are an excellent way for your potential buyers to see the layout of your listing. Birch Hill Media can provide floor plans in a variety of options, including pdf files or high-resolution images, either branded with your logo and contact information or unbranded to meet MLS requirements.

Aerial Video and Photography

The next step up is aerial videos and photos, one of the most significant trends in Real Estate Media. Using drones flown by trained and licenced operators, aerial photography allows you to truly get a feel for a property, especially well for listings with plenty of land or situated in areas like ravines and forests. Drone photography and video offer you a crystal clear, high definition “birds-eye” view that is unique and powerful, giving your listing that extra “wow” factor.

Websites Designed to Meet MLS Requirements

Birch Hill Media’s Real Estate Media Package includes a sleek, Interactive website to highlight your listing, including photos, video, a virtual tour, floor plans, and even an interactive map is available. Your site will comply with all MLS regulations.

Birch Hill Media services are available in the GTA, Toronto and surrounding areas, ranging from Ajax to Guelph and all the way up to Barrie.

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