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  • Date: April 24, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min. is a new type of travel company that offers to connect travellers and tourism companies directly. Launched in California in 2016, PrivateTour already has many tours in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The website has tons of resource blogs covering all aspects of travelling, including Top 10 lists, Travel Tips, Wildlife tours, Budget Travel, Honeymoons, Festivals and Events, Food and Drink and many more. These are short stories written by actual travellers that quickly give you tips and a feel for the location. Currently, the website has many tours in Canada, mainly in the Vancouver and Toronto areas.

Some of the recent blogs include Top 20 Things to Do in Washington, D.C10 Must-See Things of Your Private Tour to Italy, and The Six Best Places For a Walking Tour in Amsterdam. Check these out and many more.

How are they different?

What makes PrivateTour different from other travel websites is that they’re more of a travel community than selling vacation packages. Instead of sales pitches, you can explore your options by picking a city and finding what tours are available, how long they take, cost and other information provided by the tour operators themselves.

For Customers

Your journey begins what you start by visiting the website and picking a destination. From there you can find a list of tours available in that area. Selecting a tour shows you a detailed description, duration, photos, prices, reviews, ratings, and comments from other travellers. You can also ask questions from others who have used the tour through the comments.

For Tour Operators

For tour operators, PrivateTour provides a trustworthy platform for individuals, guides, and businesses to contact each other directly to have trips planned. As a business, it can help you find customers, brings in more traffic to your website, and bring potential customers to your doorstep directly. Travel business, adventure and active travellers will find what they’re looking for at

About PrivateTour.Com is designed to help active travellers easily research adventure vacations, comparison shop, and communicate directly with travel providers worldwide to ask questions and learn about trip availability via electronic requests. Travellers can quickly navigate the site and find exactly what they are looking for without encountering frustrating, dead-end or irrelevant searches. Created by a group of travel experts, they have prepared the website to provide you with a trustable platform.

The advantages of the PrivateTour website include: No Bogus listings, every tour listing has a verifiable identity, The site is secured with an EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate), making it secure to browse their website. Finally, The user-friendly design of the website ensures you not only easy access to any travel/tour-related information but also a comparison of prices and services.

Contact PrivateTour

They can be reached at or on Twitter and Facebook.