PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box Review

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Cleaning after your cat can be a hassle, especially if it’s just after they used the bathroom. Although traditional litter boxes are a good way to keep your cats from doing their business on the floor, cleaning a litter box can be just as hard. Litter smells bad and often sticks. Getting the whole litter box clean requires lots of time and effort.

Some cat owners have given up the traditional litter boxes and turned to self-cleaning ones. These self-cleaning litter boxes operate on automatic systems that know when to filter dirty litter.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are more efficient and less gross, plus they save lots of time and energy. They are particularly great for people who travel occasionally and leave their cats home alone. This is a good way to ensure that your cat’s litter will be taken care of even when you’re not there.

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Most automatic litter boxes cost more than regular ones. But that’s because they last longer, perform more functions, and are more cost-efficient in the long run. A great self-cleaning litter box that pet owners have been purchasing is the PetSade ScoopFree Litter Box.

Below is a review of the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box.


The PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box is very innovative and modern. It is the most efficient way to deal with cat litter and cleaning after kittens. Although cats are always hesitant to try new litter apparatuses, they adjust after the first week of introducing them to them.

This litter box is convenient and easy to use. It is a good way to maximize odour control and keep the litter box area stink-free. It is hygienic and keeps dust particles from the clay-based litter from infiltrating the air.

This device is pretty big and spacious, ensuring that the cat is comfortable and fits well regardless of size or position. The size also keeps litter from being kicked up beyond its bounds and causing a mess.


  • Self-cleaning
  • No scooping, cleaning or refilling for weeks
  • ?Removes Odors
  • Crystal litter
  • Covered trap locks
  • Disposable leak proof tray
  • Automatic
  • Spacious
  • ?Fits a variety of different cats
  • Convenient

Who Can Benefit?

Any cat owner that’s looking for an easier form of pet care will enjoy this purchase. Buying an automatic self-cleaning scoop free litter box makes having your cat that much easier. This ensures that you never have to touch, smell, or pick up any dirty litter.

Anyone concerned about hygiene and air quality will benefit from purchasing the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box. The crystal litter used with this box helps eliminate odours. It also removes dust particles that are stirred into the home’s air with clay-based litter. This maximizes freshness and keeps the air in your house feeling clean.


This litter box uses scoop-free mechanisms to self-clean. You can leave it alone for up to weeks at a time. After usage, crystals from the litter absorb moisture and odours. They also dehydrate solids. Then automatically, within 20 minutes, the device’s rake sweeps waste into a covered and hidden compartment. The tray is disposable and only needs to be replaced every few weeks.

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There are sensors in the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box that detects when your cat is using the litter box. When your cat leaves, the litter box starts a timer. Within 30 minutes, the rake is prompted to begin the cleaning process.

The disposable tray allows you to practice maximum hygiene. You don’t have to touch the litter or scoop it out physically. All you do is remove the entire tray and drop it into the trash.


The PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box has a simple and compact design. It is mainly white, featuring a purple paw-print plastic cover on top of the disposable tray. This litter box has no overall hood. However, A purple hood of the same design can also be purchased as an accessory to cover the rest of the litter box if desired.

The only parts of this litter box that need to be replaced from time to time are the disposable trays. These trays come in different scents, and there is also one without a scent. They are discreet and hidden by the overall design of the litter box.


This litter box is one of the most convenient there is. By purchasing an automatic self-cleaning litter box, you don’t need to do any labour or handling. The machine does everything on its own. All you do is replace the disposable trays every month.

This device is also cost-efficient. It uses less litter and fewer cleaning products. That means that you save money in the long run.

Insider Thoughts

The PetSafe NoScoop Litter Box is a great tool for cat owners to utilize in their homes. It is affordable while providing great functions.


Cats may need some time to adjust after introducing them to a different litter box. There are ways to help them adjust. Place the new litter box next to your cat’s former litter box for at least a week. Add some of the old litter to the new batch in the new advice, and vice versa.

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This will help them grow comfortable. You should also stop cleaning your cat’s old litter box because they prefer cleanliness, so they will eventually turn to use the new one and break out of their habits. Then, once the cat adjusts, feel free to throw the old one out.

There are also some ways to maximize the lifespan of your disposable trays so that you don’t have to replace them as frequently. You want to keep the trays themselves away from areas with high levels of humidity.

Buying Advice

For the sturdy construction of this device and its many benefits, the price is worth it. The best place to purchase this litter box is through Amazon.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend buying the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box. It is a cost-efficient investment for any cat home. Ultimately, if you want to improve your cat’s hygiene, the PetSafe Scoop Free Litter Box is a product you must purchase.