Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome Review

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 29, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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There are many potential accessories you can purchase for your cat, but few of them are necessary. One of the more important products a cat owner needs is a litter box. While not all cats need to make use of litter boxes, the vast majority of indoor cats require litter boxes, or they will make your house unclean and smelly.

A litter box provides a convenient location for your cat to do its business. They must be filled up with litter, and there are many different types you can use. When you first get your cat, you will have to find out what kind of litter it prefers, or else it will not use the litter box, no matter how hard you try.

Once you have found the best kind of litter for your cat, you can begin to train it to use the litter box. As with any other young animal, training them to do their business properly can take a few days or a month. It depends on how stubborn your pet is and how much experience you have.

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Litter boxes must be cleaned out regularly for a variety of reasons. The main reason is for hygiene’s sake. Your cat’s health will be at risk if you neglect to clean out the litter box. A dirty litter box can result in infections and bacteria damaging your cat’s health. Some cats will not even go near a dirty litter box.

Aside from your cat’s health, a dirty litter box will make the whole house smell, so you will want to ensure that you clean it whenever the smell starts to get noticeable. Before we get to our litter box review, we will be looking at some of the characteristics essential to a good litter box.


Before making your purchase, you should consider the size of your cat. A litter box that is too small for your cat will be of no use to you, so you are better off purchasing a litter box that is too big than one which is not big enough. Larger litter boxes will be more expensive, so this is also important to keep in mind.

If you have multiple cats, you will very likely want to invest in a larger litter box. Most litter boxes feature separated areas for several cats since they are rather territorial animals. Keep in mind that a larger litter box will take up more space in your home.

Odor Elimination

Most litter boxes will come included with a feature that allows them to control the smell of your cat’s litter. While cleaning out the litter box often will eliminate most odours, it helps to have a way to diminish the more pervasive scents which can stick around even when the litter box is fully clean.

Most of the time, litter boxes designed to control odours are enclosed to prevent them from escaping. Some litter boxes also use scented plastic to ensure that the smell is masked by something a little more pleasant.

The Product


  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Features an enclosed entrance with steps
  • Features odor control aspects
  • Available in a choice of four colors: brushed nickel, pearl, pearl white, and titanium
  • Litter box is easy to clean
  • Features a handle on top
  • Comes included with a liner and a charcoal filter

This stylish litter box is designed and made by Petmate. It features a modern design with several features to make your life easier. This litter box is larger than many other models, accommodating cats that are bigger than average.


This is one of the highest quality litter boxes that we have had the pleasure to review, making it well worth the elevated price. The inclusion of a carbon filter ensures that smells will have difficulty making it out of this litter box, keeping your home smelling as fresh as possible.

This litter box is also easy to clean, as the entire top comes off, allowing you to scoop out and replace the litter without any difficulty. It is also one of the more attractive litter boxes you will find, featuring a modern aesthetic. It is available in a choice of four different colours.

The choice to feature steps in the entrance to this litter box was a brilliant idea as it all but eliminates problems with tracking. This litter box also features remarkably sturdy construction, making it ideal for cats who are a little more destructive. This is an excellent all-around choice for a litter box.

What Others Say

We have also looked through reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased this product to get a few more relevant opinions.

Customers were highly impressed by just how easy it is to clean this litter box out. Since the top pops off, you can reach in and clean up. The plastic is also made to be easy to wipe off and clean.

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Some customers had issues receiving the wrong kind of filter with this litter box. While this is unfortunate, the correct types were eventually sent after contacting customer service. There were few other complaints about this litter box, which is promising.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more expensive models of litter boxes that you will come across, but it is well worth it when the quality level is considered.


For anyone looking for a high-quality litter box for their cat, there are few better options available. We hope that this review has proved both helpful and educational. If there are any concerns, feel free to address them down in the comments section below. We wish you good luck in finding the right litter box for your feline friend.