PetGear Double Pet Stroller Review

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  • Date: December 13, 2021
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A majority of American households have more than one pet. For those who have two or more dogs, taking them out to go anywhere is a hassle. A great alternative is a pet stroller, but you’d need one that can fit all your pets.

Unfortunately, not many companies produce pet strollers that can fit more than one small dog. Also, the companies that do manufacture large-sized pet strollers tend to make them super expensive.

Pet Gear manufactures high-grade pet strollers at low prices.

More importantly, Pet Gear produces one of the best-selling pet strollers that can hold more than one dog. Buyers attest to the convenience Pet Gear has to offer.

You should take advantage of what Pet Gear has to offer because both you and your pet will end up being very satisfied with your purchase.

Below is a review of Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller.

About The Product

Pet Gear produces a pet stroller that can fit more than one dog and sells it reasonably. Ultimately, Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller is the answer to the inconveniences having a pet entails.


  • No Zipper
  • Plush Pad
  • Air tires
  • Included: Air Pump
  • Two colors to choose from – Boysenberry & Pine Green
  • Holds up to 90 pounds
  • Two interior safety tethers
  • Water resistant
  • Elevated paw rest
Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Plush Pad + Weather Cover Included
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Who Is Pet Gear?

The people behind Pet Gear originally started out making baby furniture around the 1930s. Vermont Juvenile Furniture branched out to establish Pet Gear because buyers loved the company’s high-quality baby products.

Vermont Juvenile Furniture used the same principle and applied it to making pet supplies. Pet Gear is now a trusted brand for pet supplies and produces some of the best-selling pet supplies on the market.

Buyers love Pet Gear because, with every product, you get high-quality at a low price.

Who Can Benefit?

Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Plush Pad + Weather Cover Included
Click to check price on Amazon

When you have to run errands, leaving your dogs at home alone is never a good idea. If your dogs aren’t trained, you will come back to a messy home.

You can’t get mad at your dogs for leaving a mess, so your only option is to take your pets with you wherever you go.

Hiring a dog sitter is way too much of an expense when there are cheaper alternatives.

Buying Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller ensures you have an eye on your pets wherever you go, so you can leave your home stress free.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

Pet Gear incorporates each pet strollers’ best features to make Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller. This pet stroller is similar to other Pet Gear Pet Strollers, but it has one additional perk.

This stroller can hold up to 90 pounds, which is enough to fit at least two small dogs or one medium-sized one. Besides being able to fit more than one dog, Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller comes with thorough safety and comfort features.

No Zip Technology

Pet Gear uses the most innovative technology introduced to the pet stroller market. If you have a pet stroller at the moment, check out if your stroller has a zipper. If your stroller has a zipper, it’s guaranteed to be out of date.

Pet strollers with zippers are inconvenient as well as dangerous. Having to open and close a zipper every time you want to move your pet will take minutes out of your day.

Sometimes a zipper can get stuck, which adds even more stress to your day. Your pet’s hair can also get caught in the zipper, which the zipper a dangerous feature.

Zippers also tend to break a lot quicker, and fixing them requires professional work. Sometimes you’ll have to replace the whole protective screen to use your stroller again.

Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller has an easy-locking latch instead of a zipper. All you have to do is flip the latch when you want to open the protective screen in front of the stroller.

This makes taking your pet in and out of the stroller occur in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Air Wheel Technology

Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Plush Pad + Weather Cover Included
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You can’t buy any old pet stroller for those who live in an environment that has varied terrain. Pet Gear designs its Double Pet Stroller with user convenience in mind.

For those planning on jogging or walking with their pets on rough terrain, having a pet stroller with the wrong wheels can become a problem.

Pet Gear uses air-filled wheels because they are guaranteed to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride for both you and your pet. Rocky Terrain will have less of an impact on your pet because of the air-filled wheels.

The 12-inch air-filled wheels also eliminate having to buy new wheels. If your stroller’s wheels aren’t working like they used to, Pet Gear provides a solution using air technology. Since the wheels are filled with air, you can pump air into them when they aren’t working like they used to.

Pet Gear made sure to include an air pump so you can keep it on the stroller at all times. In the case of an emergency, you can pump your Double Pet Stroller’s wheels and go on with your day.

Insider Thoughts

People who have more than one pet say how having a Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller is essential. You can transport your pets anywhere without having to worry about what they are stepping on. More importantly, putting your pets in a stroller prevents any outside altercations with other animals.

What Others Say?

Most people who bought Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller had multiple pets and needed a convenient way of transport. Some buyers had injured dogs, so a pet stroller makes taking an injured dog outside possible.

Your pet can live life to the fullest while also living in ultimate luxury when you buy Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller.

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller is the prime option for those who have many pets and require a way to move them all at once. You can forget to hire a dog sitter when you have a stroller that allows you to take your dogs wherever.

Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the preferred online retailer to purchase Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller. For under $300 and free shipping, you’ll have a pet stroller that will serve to be a long term investment for both your and your pets.

Our Recommendation

This is the ideal pet stroller if you have a couple of small pets and want the most convenient route to transport them from point A to B. I would highly recommend buying Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller.