The Ultimate Need To Know Guide To Pet Strollers

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  • Date: July 20, 2021
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From pet strollers to treats, Pets are both companions and investments. Beyond that, pets are some of the most important little members of any family.

Their placement in a home is a serious undertaking for any person or group. Whether a cat or a dog, they are ever-present, slightly demanding additions that offer a range of benefits for any household.

They are there for you during the hard times as well as the fun ones. Nothing can compare to cuddling up with your cat or dog after a hard day. While they’re young, they can be a source of endless entertainment.

Every person or family has their pets for different reasons. Some use them for hunting, protecting, entertaining, or adding a bit of variety to their day. Pets, in one way or another, work loyally to stick to their purpose.

When they’ve advanced in age, they need more support. There are many ways to make it easier to transport your pet around once it becomes harder for them. Not to mention, some pets are hard to take outside without them running off or being rebellious.

Fortunately, there is a way to make it happen that is perfectly comfortable for your pet and easy to manoeuvre.

Pet strollers are the perfect addition to your arsenal of pet products. Unlike some products, a quality pet stroller will likely be the product that offers the most benefit to both you as well as your pet.

What’s A Pet Stroller?

A pet stroller is a stroller adapted for the sole purpose of transporting or holding animals.

There is a pet stroller for dogs, a pet stroller for cats, and everything in between. The difference is mostly in size and materials used to make them.

What’s The Difference Between Dog & Cat Strollers

Dog strollers have extra added padding and usually have stronger mesh and support. The reason is that dogs can come in various sizes and strengths. It’s best to keep them in something that will both stay balanced and be hard for them to escape from through chewing.

Cat strollers are more focused on being both comfortable and protected. Cats are more vulnerable than their canine counterparts. More often than not, a dog sniffing out a cat inside a carrier tends to react more harshly than vice versa. You want your cat to be protected from any outside threat while nestled in their stroller.

Pet Strollers Are More Than Just A Trend

Pet strollers are a growing trend amongst pet owners. They are more and more rapidly being spotted across the globe at festivals, on the streets, and metros. The reason why they are so effective goes beyond just convenience for your tired puppy or cat.

At first, it can seem a bit weird. The idea of rolling a pet around in a stroller sounds a bit comedic. Imagine moving your pet down the street in their mini-chariot.

Some think that it’s too much pampering for their pet without considering the actual reason why they are so effective/necessary to purchase.

Pet strollers will become the next big go-to transportation and holding option for pets of various types. The reason is pretty simple. They are more versatile, longer-lasting, more comfortable alternatives to crates.

Strollers aren’t awkward holders that let your pet slide around, which increases their risk of injury. Strollers are closed off but only as much to protect your pets.

As far as transportation and protection go, pet strollers are the most reasonable choice.

What Is A Pet Stroller Used For That Makes Them Unique?

It’s easy to ask what makes them so unique. Why wouldn’t just carrying around your pet be the same? Why are they different? Pet strollers are unique for a few reasons.

  • Strollers keep pets safe in a comfortable way.
  • Pets can be part of more family activities.
  • Strollers are easier to navigate and take the stress off your body.

Strollers can seem like a huge pickup compared to other options. They aren’t as widely used yet as their alternative, the crate. Any pet owner that’s had to take a pet to the vet knows how hard it is to get their pets into the crate. The crate usually means loud noises, vet trips, or extended waiting periods in a small environment, and your pet knows that.

Why Crates Are So Bad

Your pet likely identifies negative connotations with crates. According to the PETA website, some disorders are associated with crate training that develops in dogs that have been caged up for long periods of time. Crates are essentially prisons to many animals.

The best thing that can happen is that your dog is only minimally scarred from being in one. The worst is that it can make your dog anxious and aggressive. Raised aggression damages your pet’s relationship with your family.

Strollers handle this problem by being open and comfortable. More dogs and cats are open to being in a stroller due to the open-air situation, the lack of noise, and the more smooth trip.

Because strollers can be used for walks, trips to the park, and other outings, many pets learn to identify pleasant experiences with them. This pays off when you need to take your pet somewhere that won’t be to their liking.

Why Should You Pick One Up?

Pet strollers should ideally do more than be a holder for your pet. It should surprise me a multifunctional piece of equipment that can do everything and anything that you need it to within reason.

A good pet stroller can be suitable for a variety of uses. There is a range of benefits/situations that a quality pet stroller can be utilized for:

  • Perfect for taking your pets to their appointments and yours
  • A perfect way to get exercise without pushing your pet too hard. (Literally and metaphorically)
  • ​Taking your pet to family outings or festivals.
  • As a way to get them outside after surgery or operation.
  • As protection when outside against the elements and other animals.

For Appointments For Your Pet And Yourself

Your pet shouldn’t have to worry about being left in the car.

Strollers make it easy to take them with you to appointments without having to leave them behind. If you need it, it’s easy to cover up or purchase a stroller with low visibility from the outside that still lets your pet breathe easy.

Strollers make it easy to run errands with your animal without worrying that you need to control your dog. 

Strollers​ also make it equally easy to take your pet casually to the vet without having to undergo a massive battle every time.

It helps with the stress and difficulty of lugging a bigger crate for larger dogs or two animals.

For Fitness

One of the most common problems avid exercisers have with taking their dogs on walks is their dog tiring out or not keeping up.

One of the most common problems avid exercisers have with taking their dogs on walks is their dog tiring out or not keeping up.

Strollers let owners have the experience of going on long treks or jogs through the use of a pet jogging stroller.

These strollers are specially designed to be agile and lightweight so that it’s easy to push without taking too much energy.

They usually come with protection against high winds and rain as well so that you can go for a run in almost any situation without worrying about your dog dealing with your hobby.

Pet Jogging Strollers make it easy to run with your pet without having to overexert them. They’re good for large and small animals alike.

For Both Advanced Age People & Pets

If you are an older dog owner, you know the difficulty that can come from taking your pet out for a walk. They can be unpredictable and can pull and tug in a variety of directions. This can throw you off balance and lead to potential injury.

A quality stroller can make it easy to take your dogs out for air and give you some exercise without having to worry about the possibility of injury.

Many dog strollers work similarly to scooters or walkers in that they provide extra support while you walk by rolling along. It’s a great alternative that gives your dog and yourself support.

On the other hand, if you are a younger owner and need to walk a mature dog, you can easily do so in a stroller. Doing so is a convenient way for them to still be a part of your day even as their mobility decreases over time.

For Family Outings

Whether you are attending a cookout, enjoying a day in the park, or at an outdoor event or festival, a stroller is a convenient carrier and holder for your pet so that they can still enjoy some quality time.

It makes it easy to take your pet with the family every time without fear that they will get into something they shouldn’t. Festivals, for instance, can be hazardous places for smaller animals.

  • Pets can get their tails and feet stepped on.
  • Dogs have a way of getting into places they shouldn’t.
  • Dogs can also end up eating chocolate or something else toxic by accident.

It’s best to keep your dog on a tight leash(pun intended). It’s easier to take them out when they are safe and keep them in their stroller with shade and fresh air flowing into it instead of being at risk out in the open.

For Protection Against Harsh Train & Post Operation

You want to keep your pet safe and protected.

Safety For Young Animals

Small animals and young ones need extra protection when out. They tire more easily when out on walks with bigger dogs or larger animals and need to be carried or taken home more quickly.

It’s easier to have a stroller for when they are tuckered out so they can still be part of the adventure.

Not to mention, it keeps them protected from larger animals that could target them due to their size.

There’s nothing worse than having to leave a pet behind in the event of a hurricane or tornado. You need something that doesn’t take up a lot of room and can move them quickly.

For all emergencies, a stroller gets the job done in a way that is much more compact than a crate.

For Bring Your Dog To Work Day

This one applies to a surprising number of workplaces. More and more are allowing pets to come with their owner because of how well it increases morale and productivity if you can bring your pet to work—what better place to keep them satisfied and relaxed than in a stroller.

How Do You Use A Pet Stroller?

Depending on your pet, using a stroller is relatively easy. You need to understand the differences in the build vs setup of your particular type of stroller. A small pet stroller is built similar to that of a child’s stroller.

  • It has a handle that can be collapsed and a body that can be folded.
  • Pay attention to the mesh covering of your stroller so that you can keep it tightened to prevent your pet escaping.
  • ​Your animal should ideally be able to sit comfortably inside of the stroller without touching all of the walls at once. If they touch all of them while seated, chances are it is too small of a container, and you should look into larger sizes.
  • The details on sites should tell you the weight and parameters, measuring your pet when seated may be hard, but it can prevent picking up the wrong kind.
  • When you are stationary be sure to lock the wheels down so that you won’t end up letting your pet roll away or be moved around too much.

What Kind Of Pet Strollers Are There Available?

Pet strollers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is a range of options for carrying one, two or even three animals in separate holders or one large one. Some opt to focus on airflow and cover your pet from being seen from the outside or seeing the outside.

Multi-Purpose Vs. Single Purpose: The Options

Depending on what you want, you can choose between a few options. A multipurpose pet stroller is obviously going to be more expensive. They can range from a couple to a few hundred dollars. This is for a good reason.

The amount you would spend on a basic stroller, a separate crate, and other equipment for your pet can be consolidated into one stroller.

t’s best to get one that is multi-purpose because the design aspects tend to be better, and they tend to last longer as a result. They are more durable, and even if they are made of aluminium don’t tend to become damaged as easily while still being lightweight.

Single Purpose

If you decide to pick up a sole purpose stroller, it should only cost around one hundred dollars. It won’t have many luxury add-ons like hand protection, carrying baskets underneath, and many comfort and colour options as other models do.

However, if you only need something for taking your dog out for jogs, a three-wheel dog jogging stroller is an excellent choice. There’s less support infrastructure, but it’s even less weighed down by all of the other addons as a result.

How Should You Pick A Pet Stroller?

When you are choosing a stroller, it’s best to consider what your main focuses are. There are a few variables that should be considered before selecting one for your pet.

Your Purpose

Consider what you will be using the stroller for predominantly. Are you an outdoorsy person? Will you be going on hikes, walks, or just using it exclusively for jogging and holding your pet during picnics?

Each aspect can influence whether you need something easy to pick up, move around, or you can sacrifice a bit for it being as multifaceted as possible.

Your Pet’s History

If your pet has a history of being antsy or rebellious, you are going to need a stroller with stronger mesh. This will prevent them from being able to escape or damaging it quickly and needing frequent repairs.

You should anticipate the need to train your pet to get used to being in it, but most pets don’t have any problem being in a stroller carrier. Most of the training that will go into training your pet for being in the stroller will come down to an initial bait and treat setup.

This means that you will put treats inside the stroller to identify with the stroller expecting positive things. Then, once you start putting them inside it, please give them a treat so that the attributive connection will become stronger.

Air Circulation

One critical aspect to consider is how cool the stroller inside will be when your pet is inside and how hot they will get.

Different strollers can have better or worse airflow. You don’t want your stroller to end up being a death trap because it is not compatible with your pet.

Temperature & Environmental Factors

Besides airflow, you should consider the actual capacity of the stroller to handle the type of terrain you will be taking them out in. Some are better suited for colder environments that have snow, while others are for sidewalks during summer. It comes down to:

  • Wheel Size
  • Materials
  • Design

Know what kind of framing the stroller has and what the covering design is made from. It should either be able to protect or let your animal experience the outside quickly.

Your wheels matter the same as they would on a bicycle. The type of wheels can influence how bumpy or hard of a ride it will be for your pet and you while pushing it. Bigger wheels are for more muddy, rocky or uneven environments. Smaller wheels work for more city or local situations with snow or need to go off-sidewalk.


There is a myriad of reasons to pick up a pet stroller for your dog or cat. Though the differences in size and build can make them either a bit pricey or the perfect quick pick up, they’re almost a necessity for any serious pet owner.

Our furry friends spend their entire lives trying to be the perfect buddy for all situations they can. It makes sense to invest a little into their comfort as well as your own. This means no more difficult trips lugging around a crate.

No more worrying about trying to control them or carry them quickly in the event of an emergency. It’s better for both you and your pet. After picking one up, you’ll notice the difference immediately in the added flexibility throughout your day.

If you decide to get a multi-purpose pet stroller, you’ll see within days the difference it makes for quickly setting up and breaking down to fit in your car as a carrier and pet seat. It shouldn’t be a hassle to enjoy some quality time with your dog or cat.

Your pet also shouldn’t have to deal with being banged around inside of a hard and loud crate. Pet strollers make it as convenient as possible for both of you. On a final note, be sure to thoroughly assess all of the factors outlined in the article for picking your perfect stroller.

It can be the difference between a smooth, enjoyable ride for your pet and yourself or a waste of money.