Pet Health Certificate

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 4, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

When you want to travel with your pet and go interstate or overseas, they might require some documentation. Just as we need our passports and various other documents, a pet health certificate is one requirement that your furry friend will need to be cleared for travel.

A health certificate for pet travel covers certain things like their breed, age, country of origin, and name. However, the most important information they feature is a clearance from your veterinarian that they are healthy, free of parasites, and up to date with their vaccinations and other treatments.

The purpose of this certificate is to clear them for travel and ensure that they will not be safe on the journey but that they won’t pose a health risk to other animals or people. Therefore, if you’re planning on taking your pet with you interstate or overseas is a must-have.

When Will You Need A Pet Health Certificate?

A pet health certificate is usually required whenever your pet travels commercially interstate or overseas. It may not be necessary if you’re driving with your pet in the car to another part of the country. The best approach is to check with local authorities about what’s required so you’re not caught.

When planning a trip, you’ll need to start getting their vaccinations and treatments in order many months before you leave. With some vaccines, like rabies, you’ll need to get it for your pet at least 30 days before travelling, but no less than 12 months out.

This is one of the most important for overseas travel and getting an international pet health certificate, and they will not be able to go without it.

The pet health certificate cost varies depending on your veterinarian, and they could range from no cost upwards of $100. If you’re having a regular checkup for them or getting other vaccinations, they can usually write one as part of your appointment. However, you will be liable for paying the additional treatment costs, so it’s not always cheap to do.

An Essential Document For Pet Ownership

Getting a health certificate for pet travel is essential if you plan to take your animal with you overseas or travel on a commercial airline interstate. Preparing in advance and ensuring you have the proper documentation for your dog or cat to travel is all part of responsible pet ownership, so give yourself enough time.

Just as humans require documentation to ensure we’re safe for other travellers to be around, so do our pets. This one bit of paper shouldn’t cost you much, but you’ll find that your pet can’t travel far without it.