Peace Yoga Bolster Cushion

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  • Date: September 21, 2021
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There’s nothing quite like the refreshing and calming powers of meditation and yoga. Those devoted to these disciplines know that although their bodies and minds are the most important tools, it’s also essential to have the right accessories that allow you to practice.

One of the most used accessories during meditation and yoga is your bolster. This pillow allows you to get comfortable, helps ease you into more challenging positions, and gives you the support you need when you’re sitting for long periods.

Though we know just important it is, it’s sometimes an accessory that gets overlooked. When you have the right bolster supporting you, you?ll see a vast improvement in your comfort levels and flexibility, so it’s an essential item for anyone who enjoys yoga or meditation.

Peace Yoga has designed a bolster pillow that they claim is better than any other. With a few key differences that make it a unique product, you might find that it has everything you’ve been looking for to enhance your practice.

About The Product

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Peace Yoga devotes its entire range to the practice of yoga, and they have so many products that can improve your daily routine. Their bolster cushions are some of their best selling accessories, and the most popular is their Zafu Bolster.

The Zafu Bolster from Peace Yoga gives you the option to use it how you wish, thanks to a zippered cover and separate core that you can fill with buckwheat to the level you desire. This means it’s fully adjustable to suit your body and will give you a customised experience.

Peace Yoga has made their bolster in a range of colours and designs so you can get the one that suits your taste. All of their bolster pillows come with the following features that make them a standout:

  • 13 x 13 x 4.5? dimensions
  • Core of the pillow made with buckwheat hulls
  • Multipurpose cushion for yoga and meditation
  • Cotton cover fully machine washable
  • Full zip around cushion
  • Grab and go handles for portability and travel

What Others Say

The durability of the Peace Yoga Zafu Bolster Cushion makes it stand out, and just one of these will last for years to come. Even the more minor details down to the handle are expertly stitched, and they give the bonus of being able to carry it around to classes or while you’re travelling.

The feel of this cushion is a bit stiffer than some might be used to. If you’re someone who prefers plushness and wants to sink into your pillow, you may want to shop around. This has the stiffness that most yoga bolsters offer, so you can expect it to be quite tough.

Buying Advice

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Buying quality yoga gear can be hard to do when you’re shopping in the store. Thankfully, you can get the Peace Yoga Zafu Bolster Cushion on Amazon without ever having to leave your house. This cushion currently lists for around $40, but you have to choose your timing well as they often sell out.

For this price, you’ll also get free shipping of the Zafu cushion sent to your door. If you want it even faster, you can get the express shipping option by being a member of Amazon Prime and will receive it in just two days. These added extras make it even better value and far easier than finding a quality cushion in the store.

There’s no warranty offered on this cushion, so you will need to be careful with how you use it. The machine-washable instructions should be followed carefully to keep it intact, but other than that is? An extremely well-made cushion.

Final Thoughts

If you?ve searched long and hard for a firm, reliable cushion for your yoga and meditation practice, you can stop looking now you?ve found the Peace Yoga Zafu Bolster Cushion. This remarkable cushion can be adjusted to your needs, so you’ll always have something that suits you perfectly.

The benefits you’ll get from investing in a quality bolster cushion make this a purchase worth every cent. To check out the huge selection of colors and designs in the Peace Yoga Zafu Bolster Cushion, click here to take a look.