OurPets Catty Whack Cat Toy Review

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 1, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Cat toys have many advantages. If you are a cat owner, cat toys are very nearly necessary if you wish to have a healthy and well-behaved cat. A cat without toys is often a grumpy cat, and a grumpy cat is no fun to live with.

Aside from behaviour, cat toys can have a noticeable effect on the health of your cat.

Cats who play often will tend to be much slimmer than others who lounge around all day, acting like couch potatoes. While an obese cat may look cute and provide plenty of joy to whoever squeezes it, it is certainly not healthy. Cats with obesity tend to have shorter lifespans than cats who stay fit.

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OurPets Catty Whack Interactive Cat Toy (Cat Toys for Stimulating Play, Real Mouse Sound, Rotating Feather for Hunting Instincts & Carpeted Scratching Area) [Cat Toys for Indoor Cat Gifts]

If you want to ensure that your cat’s little heart is not strained by a bunch of fat and clogged arteries, you will have to find a way to make sure that they get sufficient exercise. This can be difficult for indoor cats, however. This is where cat toys come in. Cat toys are one of the best ways to keep your cat moving and fit.

Almost all cats love to play with cat toys, thanks to their innate predatory instincts. While cats may be cute little balls of fur to us, it is easy to forget that they were predators at one point. It is the reason why they act how they do. Even though they have been domesticated for thousands of years, cats still contain some of their essences as hunters.

If you are looking to keep your cat fit, you will very likely wish to invest in some form of an automated cat toy. Before we move on down to our review, we will be looking at two crucial aspects that are key to some of the best cat toys that you will find around.

Scratching Pads

Cat toys that come included with scratching pads are some of the most versatile toys around. The inclusion of a scratching pad on an unrelated toy provides a place for your cat to scratch away without harming your furniture, floors or any other part of your home.

OurPets Catty Whack Interactive Cat Toy (Cat Toys for Stimulating Play, Real Mouse Sound, Rotating Feather for Hunting Instincts & Carpeted Scratching Area) [Cat Toys for Indoor Cat Gifts]

Cats like to scratch for a variety of reasons. One of the more common ones is to hone their nails, scraping away the outer layers of keratin. Cats also use scratching as a way to mark their territory since they have scent glands that are positioned on their paws.


A good degree of automation is something else that is important to look for in a good cat toy. This allows you to let your cat play without having to interact with it directly. It would be best to keep your cat under supervision what it plays with a toy because it can always end up in a situation where it will need your help.

Regardless, an automated toy means that you will have a bit more freedom as your cat plays. This is ideal for owners of highly energetic cats, as it can get a bit exhausting to have to play with them for hours on end.

The Product

The Catty Whack is an attractive model of cat toy developed by OurPets. It consists of a simple game that can keep your cat coming back for more, thanks to a few intelligent features. This is one of the better automated cat toys that you will come across.


  • This machine plays a hide and seeks game with your cat automatically
  • This toy is an excellent way to keep your cat’s attention
  • RealMouse sounds are patented and ensure that your cat will stay hooked
  • Features a scratching zone on the top
  • Included rubber feet ensure that the toy remains in place


There are quite a few reasons why the Catty Whack is an excellent choice for most cat owners. If you find that your cat is overly hyper, you may wish to invest in one of these because it will remain occupied for a considerable amount of time.

The inclusion of a scratching pad on the top of this toy is an excellent design decision by OurPets, as it provides an all in one location where your cat can play and scratch away to its heart’s content. The use of rubber feet is another choice that makes this product much more effective than it would otherwise be.

The game is quite simple. It consists of a feather that pops out of one of six holes to surprise your cat. While it may not sound too amusing to a person, you will find that your cat will be running circles around this toy, trying to catch the feather before it disappears.

What Others Say

Other customers were quite happy with this product. Many customers praised the superior value for money of this product, stating that it is about half the price of similar models. Customers were also impressed with the relatively high build quality for such an affordable model of a cat toy.

OurPets Catty Whack Interactive Cat Toy (Cat Toys for Stimulating Play, Real Mouse Sound, Rotating Feather for Hunting Instincts & Carpeted Scratching Area) [Cat Toys for Indoor Cat Gifts]

There were a few negatives, but nothing too distressing, mostly minor gripes and concerns. Customers were disappointed that there is no option to mute the sound on this toy. Another aspect that was criticised was the automatic shut down after ten minutes of operation.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more pricey cat toys you will find for sale, but it is well worth it, thanks to its superior build quality. While it is not very expensive, it may be more than some are willing to spend on a single toy. It comes priced at around 30 dollars.


We hope that this review has helped you decide whether or not this product seems worth your money. It is one of the highest quality cat toys that you will find available, but it is dependent on whether or not your cat is a fan of hiding and seek games.