Startupfest Montreal 2017

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 6, 2017
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This past July 12-15, Montreal again hosted Startupfest, a globally-orientated startup festival that’s been called Canada’s largest startup event with entrepreneurs from around the world attending workshops, pitches and other events for 3 days.

This past week Montreal again hosted the Startupfest, a globally-orientated startup festival that’s been called Canada’s largest startup event for entrepreneurs from around the world. It takes place in July in Canada’s cultural (or party) capital: Montreal. This year the city is turning 375 this year, so with the mix of the European charm, unparalleled nightlife, arts, culture, and world class restaurants – Montreal made for the perfect stomping grounds for the 2017 Startup Festival indeed.

Now in its seventh year, StartupFest has been held in various locations in Montreal’s Old Port district. During the event, every aspect of content was hand-picked and carefully crafted; ranging from inspiring lessons from seasoned entrepreneurs, to informative how-to sessions, and interactive panels. As well, there were also offers of tangible investment opportunities and prizes, from top accelerators, looking to fill their next cohorts, to world-renowned VC.

The winner turned out to be the most entertaining: Party on Demand’s Willie G, while Tunedly and Quanovate seemed to have more scalable products.

The start-ups that presented this year included: was a startup aiming to help brands to promote user generated content, brands could share their video content on social media as well as embed video grids, carousels and playlists on their own website.

The Hive is a service for tackling food storage problem at places with limited food storage space such as on campuses.

Montreal native Eytan Bensoussan presented Ferst Digital, a service that aims to make banking and bookkeeping simpler and more cost effective for businesses.

Founded by a group of University of Calgary students CareFind is a platform that they hope to launch in 2018 that will connect busy parents to real time child care vacancies.

Tunedly aimed to create an online recording studio, that would connect songwriters, producers with qualified session musicians online. They launched a prototype in January 2016 and garnered impressive customer and media response.

Party On Demand is an on-demand party organizer, claiming to be capable of organizing a party within an hour, including food and entertainers such as chefs or Djs.

Quanovate already has staff of 25 employees in the US and is developing a Internet Of Things fertility and pregnancy product that’s already has FDA-clearance.

Next year’s Montreal Startup Festival promises even more events.


Photo by Eva Blue