How To Replace Memory Foam From Your Cushion

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: September 9, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When we buy ourselves a new cushion, the last thing on our minds is whether we’ll have to perform maintenance on it in the near future. However, whether it’s a feather, down, or memory foam cushion, it’s actually good sense to have the filling changed now and then so it can continue to offer support and comfort.

Cushions can be expensive to purchase and so anything we can do to prolong their life and keep them in the best condition is definitely worth doing. With memory foam cushions, in particular, a simple replacement of the stuffing made from this wonder material can leave you with a brand new feeling cushion.

If you own a memory foam cushion and have yet to change the insides or are thinking of getting one, there’s no need to stress. Memory foam replacement is actually very easy to do, and learning the process means you’ll get an extra few years out of your cushion before it?s time for an upgrade.

Why Should You Replace Memory Foam?

Much to people?s surprise, your pillows and cushions actually have an expiration date. While we can change the covers and keep them clean, the real challenge is about what’s inside them, and if we’re able to keep that fresh and new, they will end up lasting for many years more.

Memory foam is a unique material that works just like the name suggests; it remembers your body and makes it comfortable for you to use over and over again. Although it sounds like a miracle cure, just like any other material, it will experience standard wear and tear over time.

This is especially true for a cushion that you spend a lot of time using, whether it’s sitting on your chair at work or on top of your car seat as you drive.

Not only does the foam start to wear away on its own, but external factors like bacteria, sweat, and body oils can speed up the process and leave your foam with a lot less firmness than it first had. After some time, the foam will start to shrink or disintegrate, and the once supportive cushion you had will no longer be there.

Signs That You Need To Replace Memory Foam

As a general rule, anything made with memory foam should be replaced every couple of years. For mattresses, experts state you can wait a little longer and aim for seven or eight years. When looking at cushions specifically, this time frame may be more or less depending on the product, but there will be some obvious signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

  • You notice a smell that can?t be diminished by washing the cover, or the inner foam looks stained or discolored
  • You feel as though it?s not as thick as it once was and are needing to use extra pillows for support
  • Your body has started to feel strains and discomfort again, like before you started using the memory foam cushion
  • There?s less spring from the cushion and you find yourself sinking down into the chair further than before
  • It?s been over three years since you first purchased the cushion and you use it quite regularly

How To Replace Memory Foam

Rather than buying yourself a whole new cushion, you can easily replace the memory foam with the one you have now. This will depend on the style of the pillow, but most manufacturers make it easy to replace the foam in the cushion so that you don’t have to continue buying new ones.

  • Check the details that the manufacturer provided about replacement foam and whether it?s possible. Some cushions come with covers that can?t be removed and this won?t work for them
  • Remove the cover and take out the memory foam inside so you can measure the dimensions. Don?t go off the old foam as it would have shrunk in size
  • Purchase new memory foam that meets the measurements or have it professionally cut to match
  • Spray the surfaces of the foam with a dedicated foam adhesive and wrap it with enough fiberfill to cover it twice
  • Insert the new memory foam into the cushion and make sure that it?s the right fit.

For a more detailed explanation, you can watch a video guide here, and it will walk you through the steps with clearer instructions. Spending a little on the materials and learning the right way to do it means you can also replace the foam in your regular cushions for a more supportive household altogether. 

Keeping Your Cushions As Supportive As Possible

Memory foam offers so many great benefits, but we get none of them when the material is old and worn. For just a small extra cost and some of your time, this is a great DIY project that will save you a lot of money and give you a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

Think about how many hours we spend sitting on our memory foam cushions or laying on pillows, and you’ll realize how easy it is for them to start losing their firmness and shape. When we no longer have the support and comfort that memory foam offers, there’s no point using them anymore, and you don’t want to be sitting on a worthless cushion.

Investing in a good cushion can be a serious purchase, but it will pay off for your body. Spending a little time replacing the memory foam every couple of years is easy and satisfying to do and will leave you with a brand new pillow for virtually no cost at all.