Javenna Bellinger’s Learn Something Books Makes Teaching Kids Life Skills Fun

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: November 12, 2020
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Javenna Bellinger is an author, teacher and writer from Philadelphia who is the author of the Learn Something Book Series for teaching kids all kinds of life skills.

With titles like Be Brave!, My Favorite Letter is E, Tyler’s Big Christmas Surprise, and many more books to her credit, Javenna Bellinger writes books for kids that aim to be educational and inspirational.

The Learn Something book series is a collection of books that are educational and inspirational for children. All the books are $5 and available from Amazon. In an interview, Javenna talks about the reason for the low price, considering many children’s books sell for more. In the interview with BlogTalkRadio, she says how, growing up as one of eight children, money was always tight, and so she decided that if she became a writer, she’d make books affordable to everyone.

Her books can be found on Amazon or her website.

About Javenna Bellinger

Author Javenna is a children’s author from Philadelphia who has, to date, write and wrote and self-published 23 children’s books.

Why did she get into writing children’s books?

Javenna didn’t start as an author. In an interview on YourBestLifestyles podcast, she talks about how she started writing songs before switching over to writing books.

She has three children, and they’ve been in the inspiration for writing the books.  In an interview with BlogTalkRadio, Javenna talks about how one of her first books was “Tag in the Back” was inspired when she was teaching her kids how to get dressed. “When you get dressed, you put the tag in the back”, and that becomes the idea that leads to her book, “Tag in the Back” and a nursery rhyme.

As she says in the interview, “independence is very important…a lot of kids start late putting their own clothes on, but they can start at two or three, that’s when I started teaching mine…time was of essence…I had three kids [and didn’t have time to repeat the same things]…I had to think of a creative way to teach them.”

On Creativity

She sums up where the spark comes from for her writing. “Most creative people when they are saying something over and over again, it clicks or speaks in some kind of creative way.”

“[I] keep my mind open for a creative word, a creative saying…I try to stay connected spiritually and then that guides me…”

But a lot of her writings comes out the experiences of raising three kids too.

“A lot of times when I’m repeating things to my kids, I’m listing to the words I’m saying, and then that kind of rings a bell, and then another one…and from there I try and organize my words. my thoughts into a story…”

These experiences have lead her to write books that deal with everything from how to get dressed and to tie your shoes, to learning colors, bullying, the importance of sharing, and all kinds of things every kid goes through. Her latest book is “My Superheros.

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