iPhone 7 Cases That Hold Credit Cards

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  • Date: May 26, 2022
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In this article, we’re looking at iPhone 7 cases that hold credit cards from five top brands.

Wallet cases are phone cases that not only protect your phone but can store some cards and cash too. Most manufacturers make this type of case, including several iPhone 7 cases that hold credit cards, cash and other items while also protecting the screen.

There are dozens of companies producing cases, but these names are some that show up a lot in reviews:

  • Spigen
  • Smartish (formally Silk)
  • Lameeku 
  • OtterBox 
  • Vena

Let’s look at these brands in order, along with some of the wallet cases they produce for iPhones. If you’re an Android user, you’ll find they usually make models for Samsung and other Android phones too. The Advantage for Apple fans is that there are fewer models of iPhones on the market, so case manufacturers have to design for fewer phone sizes.


Spigen (pronunciation /spee’gan/) is a South Korean mobile phone accessory maker of cases, screen protectors and other accessories. Spigen started as SGP Korea in 2004.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case (2021) - Metal Slate

Spigen makes a range of cases, including the Spigen Slim Armor series.

It features a hidden pocket that can hold a card or two along with some cash and clicks into place to keep them secure.

The Spigen Slim Armor is built with a shock-absorbing Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) interior and a durable polycarbonate exterior. 

The Slim Armor case is available in gunmetal, black, red, white, and rose gold.

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is for those who want to steal a top-class wallet case at an affordable price. 

The air-cushion technology protects all four corners of your smartphone. Card storage is located on the back, allowing for a couple of cards. It is available in four colour options: gunmetal, jet white, black, and rose gold.

Is Spigen as good as Otterbox?

Overall, Spigen offers good-looking cases that provide reliable protection, and Otterbox cases are durable without comparison. If you’re prone to dropping your phone, Otterbox cases are undoubtedly the most reliable choices.

Spigen cases are popular with users as they rarely have issues. Spigen cases come in a variety of styles and types.


Smartish iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 [Slim + Protective] Credit Card Holder (Silk) - Black Tie Affair

Smartish (formally Silk) has been making phone accessories since 2009. In 2011 they released the first model of the Wallet Slayer.

The Slayer features a durable leather pocket for a sleeker look but has the same features as wireless charging compatibility. You should attach a PopSocket grip to the back of the case on top of the leather.

The Smartish wallet case fits up to three credit cards or IDs and even has a little extra room for some bills. It has a raised bezel to protect your phone’s screen and is designed with a high-grip texture to keep it in your hand. At the same time, the reinforced interior protects your iPhone against drops.

You can pick up the Slayer wallet case in black, blue jade, grey, and purple.


LAMEEKU Wallet Case Compatible with iPhone XR, PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR Card Holder Case with Crossbody Lanyard Handbag Case for Women Absorbing Bumper Case for iPhone XR, 6.1''-Black

Lameeku is a brand of Shenzhen Ziwenyi E-commerce that makes a few well-regarded wallet cases. 

This innovative case hides the four-slot pocket inside a leather sheath, so your cards stay protected at all times. The small bumper around the screen will protect it from cracking if you drop it. 

Lameeku leather case

This leather case has three hidden card slots for easy access to your cards and cash and a zippered compartment on the rear. Like the Smatish cases, the Lameeku leather case comes with a raised bezel to protect your iPhone’ screen while allowing full access to all buttons and ports. It is a TPU case that is also air-cushioned for additional protection. This case is available in light brown, black, turquoise, and rose gold.

Some uses have said it’s bulky, though when its zippered compartment is full.

The Lameeku case also has RFID blocking to protect your credit and debit card information from getting scanned.


OTTERBOX Strada Series Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max - Espresso (Dark Brown/Worn Brown Leather)

OtterBox is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, that produces water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant cases for mobile devices.

The OtterBox name comes from company founder Curt Richardson’s wife and co-owner. When Richardson developed the prototype of a waterproof electronics case in 1995, Nancy dubbed it the OtterBox regarding the animal’s waterproof fur. 

OtterBox Strada Series

The case combines their Commuter case’s rugged drop protection features plus a leather folio cover that can store up to two credit cards. 

The case’s edges provide screen protection for additional protection and have no issues with dust/debris whatsoever. The button covers and port cutouts are handy as well.

On the downside, the Otterbox Strada can’t be used as a kickstand, unlike some other cases here.


Vena Wallet Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 13 Pro (6.1"-inch), vCommute (Military Grade Drop Protection) Flip Leather Cover Card Slot Holder with Kickstand (Space Gray)

Founded in Minnesota, Vena takes its name from the word venation, meaning the arrangement of veins in a leaf.

Vena vCommute

The vCommute is a durable wallet case that’ll keep your iPhone and your credit cards safe. It holds up to three cards in the back, and cards slide out quickly thanks to the angled edge of the slot.

The vCommute case can be bent into a position that easily allows you to watch videos on your iPhone.

Some questions about phone cases

Before we wrap up, let’s touch on three questions that usually come up with phone cases, especially wallet cases.

First, what are good materials to look for in a phone case?

According to knowledgeable buyers, these materials are the best for phone protection and scratches:

For phone protection, look for a case made from:

  • Hybrid hard shell with silicone or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) interior is the best at shock absorption.
  • TPU Flexible a material like silicone but harder.
  • Silicone and other rubber cases are cheap but offer some protection
  • Hard plastic. Not great, as it transmits the shock directly
  • Aluminium, this material is similar to plastic in terms of shock protection.

While for scratch resistance, cases made from these materials are best:

  • Silicone
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic

What is the most durable iPhone 7 case?

Overall any of these are good models, but the OtterBox comes out on top in many lists. However, some users will find it bulky and not store as much cash and other items as in other cases. Also, some users aren’t a fan of the faux leather case. This is the case to get if your phone’s safety is the number one priority.

Do cell phones demagnetize debit cards?

The short answer is, for debt, bank and credit cards unless they come in direct contact with a magnet for long periods. Some cards like hotel keys are more delicate, so it’s possible if they are kept close to magnets in your phone or case – keep them in a separate pocket if worried.

Magnetic stripes, or Magstripe, cards come in two varieties, low coercivity and high coercivity.  

High coercivity (HiCo) is a term that means the card is designed to be written to with data only a few times – think credit cards, bank cards and similar. 

Low coercivity (LoCo) cards like hotel room keys, bus passes, and theme park passes are meant to be re-written several times. Low coercivity cards are cheaper to make and can be damaged by magnets, such as found on cases with magnetic clips or in older phone speakers. 

You can usually tell if a card is a high or low coercivity card just by looking at it. Low coercivity cards typically have a light brown colour, while high coercivity stripes are nearly always black. Amex cards and some others use a silver colour. 


Photo by Mason Supply on Unsplash