Investing in Caribbean Real Estate

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  • Date: February 14, 2022
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Nothing could be more soothing than a warm sea, a bath-water, and a palm-fringed beach at any time in the year. There is nothing that can be compared to this. Crashing turquoise waves, white sand, clear blue skies, a little piece of Caribbean heaven to recede in sounds like a dream. Before investing in Caribbean real estate, you need to know a bit about the region.

The truth is, we have all had a deep desire for living or own a home on a Caribbean beach. However, years of development have made finding the ideal Caribbean beach house problematic. On the other hand, most Caribbean beaches have already seen growth or will never see development.

Finding a suitable place with both a surfeit of available beachfront built or inbuilt property and excellent beaches is a bit more of an art than science, and that is the main reason this article was jolted down. To act as a guide and makes things easy for you as you embark on a journey of making that perfect choice of investing in the Caribbean.

When it comes to investing in the Caribbean, you have a great variety of properties to choose from. You can also invest in businesses on sale, beachfront condos, and Caribbean condos on sale. However, it is always good to select a location where you will be at peace, enjoy your new home and appreciate the value of your money.

Below is a list of the best and most unique places to invest in the Caribbean and where you can get the best Beach Houses, Beachfront condos, and Caribbean condos:

Punta Cana, Dominic Republic

There are great apartments for sale in Punta Cana that offers excellent value for your money. The apartments go for USD 100 per square foot. The Dominican Republic has become the most visited country in the Caribbean. On the other hand, Punta Cana is the Caribbean’s top tourist destination. The brand new apartments here are strategically located to attract local and international investors.

They are situated next to a well-known and highly successful hotel with a casino, golf course, and a beach. With a high price, ideal location and well set rental programs which offer highly attractive rental income, these apartments are among the best investment offer you can have in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic is a perfect area to invest in because of the relatively good infrastructure at low prices. Since the Dominican Republic has the fastest growing economy in Latin America, foreign workers and tourists are immigrating and renting most of these apartments.


Bonaire is a small Dutch island in the Caribbean, located on the southern side of the Caribbean, off the coast of famous South America. Bonaire is best known as the Caribbean’s top diving destination. Many people also refer to it as an island that offers excellent Caribbean condos and real estate for sale.

The average price of Caribbean real estate in Bonaire Island is typically below USD 250 per square foot. You can also find beautiful cottages in Roatan Waterlands Village for roughly $150 per square foot. These cottages are fully furnished, nicely finished and placed right amidst the waterfront with tight security (secure gated community), professional management and a perfect view of nature’s beauty. These Caribbean condos would make for an ideal rental property or a beautiful vacation home.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico real estate is the ideal place to invest in for those looking forward to experiencing an entirely different culture and lifestyle without leaving the US. You can also brush up on your Spanish on the side; after all, you will never be too old to acquire something new.

There are easily accessible Medicare and Walgreens, and the best thing is the exchange currency is still dollars. Puerto Rico gives you history, culinary, culture, outdoor activities and nightlife scenes and beaches that make this island an attractive and ideal destination for you in the first place.

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is fair compared to many other cities in the area. On the other hand, housing and transportation are half or less of the regular prices in other cities. This makes it a perfect place for you and your family wherever you feel the need of having a unique experience.

St Lucia

Although St Lucia cannot be considered one of the most affordable investment destinations for real estate, it is affordable compared to ultra-exclusive places such as Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, and St Barts. There are special and unique gems to be found in St Lucia, and therefore investing here cannot be wholly ruled out.

The unique gems in St Lucia include brand new apartments placed on sale in Vieux Fort, which is offered below USD 200 per square foot. These apartments are strategically placed in a well-established boutique resort that offers a rental program and professional management. This makes it possible to earn income from your Caribbean real estate even if you are away.

Vieux Fort area has technically been developed for investment and development purposes, which gives these apartments the inherent capability of appreciation with better value for money. The earlier you get yourself an apartment in St Lucia, the better before appreciating prices.


Real estate for sale on Montserrat Island can be purchased at way lower costs than apartments on the nearby islands such as Nevis and Antigua. Real estate dealers in Montserrat offer investors great value for their money. Beachfront condos for sale, Caribbean condos, and available villas on Montserrat tend to be spacious, well finished, and enjoy beautiful sea views.

Olveston, located on the Western Coast side of Montserrat, is among the most popular destinations for international investors looking for a second holiday home in Montserrat. With a roomy interior, excellent location and lovely garden and pool, the villa is usually rented out at a fair price of $1,300 to USD 1,700 per week.

Commercial Caribbean Real Estate

On the other hand, if you are not interested in investing in real estate but your mind is set on purchasing an already established business in the Caribbean, you can get a great list of companies on sale as well. There are different Caribbean hotels for sale, Caribbean land for sale, Caribbean islands for sale, Caribbean farms or plantations for purchase, amongst many other businesses.

These businesses are readily available for sale. All you need to do is visit one of the best commercial dealers in the area, and you will get the right directions on how to go about it. They will also provide you with the available businesses on sale to choose from.

Point to Note About Caribbean Real Estate

Purchasing real estate, business or condos in the Caribbean needs significant investment. For many buyers, it is essential to make sure that you are getting value for your money and not just getting into a raw deal.

Have a clear understanding of precisely what you are looking for and what value for money is to you; visit the best Caribbean real estate firms in the area and get started from this point. If you are not sure what to go for, it is advisable to get an expert’s help rather than putting all your money on a sinking ship!

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